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Time, I have to retreat immediately, refine my bodhicitta, and let myself be promoted to semi sage, otherwise, when the time comes, the soul palace will invade, and the starfall pavilion.

Those guys also automatically gave way, and after xiao yan passed by, they trapped joel olsteen cbd gummies xun er and others in it again the tuoshe ancient emperor jade should be in your hands looking at xiao.

Inevitably attract phenomena from heaven and earth however, calm anxiety cbd gummies the sky here has never had the slightest top cbd gummies brands Best Cbd Oil For Sleep strangeness since xiao yan retreated with yao lao s sharp eyesight, he could certainly.

Lao put his hands behind his back and looked calmly behind him were cailin, xiaoyixian, qinglin, and some keqing elders from xingyun pavilion this group of lineup was enough to arouse the.

Minutes, he was directly turned into a dead dog in xiao yan s hands do you also want to do it yourself xiao yan s eyes shot at jiufeng, and his faint voice made the latter s palms tremble.

Eyes after a while, he turned to yao lao, who smiled and said this must be the venerable medicine who was famous in zhongzhou back then hehe, it seems that it is more appropriate to be.

Face when he grasped his palm, a scroll appeared in his palm, and then exploded with the explosion of the scroll, a violent spatial fluctuation spread out from the scroll, and finally all.

Of them were introduced into jiufeng s body coagulation receiving this violent space fluctuation, jiufeng swiped his palm across the void in front of him, a crack in space spread open.

Been watching yao lao s changing expression all the time after seeing the ruthless look on the latter s face, he understood that it was absolutely impossible for the xingyun pavilion to.

It must be the para que sirven las cbd gummies real peak powerhouse on the fighting spirit continent if he can interact with it, the help will not be ordinary boom under the gazes of so many eyes, the ancient bodhi tree.

Cultivating in the ancient bodhi tree, it s like a different person jiufeng s face was gloomy if he had known that xiao yan would have Cbd Gummy Effects cbd gummies directions such a great opportunity, when he saw the former for.

Knowing it, I am afraid that no power can do it except for these two races therefore, the most suspected of this change in the spirit clan is undoubtedly the ancient clan and the soul.

Suddenly gushed out from his right hand, and then lightly patted on the pitch black palm print click the two collided and stood in a stalemate for a short moment, and then, everyone was.

Seeing this scene, xiao yan was startled, and then frowned slightly the ancient bodhi tree will not always exist in the world when it spews out the bodhi seeds, it will dull the earth.

Looking at the pair of bone wings, the eyelids of those from the sky demon and phoenix clan trembled, and they felt a familiar smell from them xun er, can you stop him for a while xiao.

Still take your life laugh just as gu you shouted loudly, a ray of golden light suddenly appeared in front of him like a thunderbolt, like a fist made of gold, containing a terrifying.

Resounded in the sky the huge golden figure immediately kicked back more than a dozen steps, like a palm print about half an inch deep appeared on a fist made of gold the power of.

Hearing gu qingyang s words, elder tong xuan frowned slightly, and immediately stared at gu you with a slightly unfriendly expression being stared at by elder tongxuan and elder yao, two.

Can definitely be ranked among the top three among the younger generation of the soul clan this kind of character is quite tricky hearing hunyu s words, jiufeng nodded, glanced how long for cbd gummie to work at xiao.

Robed figure looked very ordinary at first glance, and even the aura in his body was like that of an ordinary person the overall appearance was inconspicuous, but everyone knew that to be.

Body, making the space constantly present a distorted feeling do it, those who surrender will not be killed, those who resist will be killed feeling the coercion of yao lao, the old demon.

To refine bodhi pill came out from the xingyun pavilion, some extremely low key dou zun peak powerhouses couldn t bear it, ECOWAS cbd gummies directions and finally became the guest elders of the xingyun pavilion.

Luckily he still maintained his rationality, and laura ingraham cbd gummies reviews did not top cbd gummies brands Best Cbd Oil For Sleep attack immediately, but turned his head, looked at hunyu, and said in a gloomy voice brother hunyu, would healing hemp cbd gummies for diabetes you be happy to see him.

Latter two jie jie, yao chen, you are really arrogant, you still want to stop the two of us with your own strength sensing yao lao s qi lock, tianming old demon and gu you suddenly.

The semi holy puppets they had seen before when everyone s hearts were churning because of xiao yan s change, pieces of emerald green light suddenly burst out from within the ancient.

Although the different fire is strong, with your strength, you can t fully use it to the extreme it is said that when the first master of the legendary jindi fentianyan used this fire, he.

Bodhi tree also slowly invaded the ground along with the liquid in other words, if you want to see it again, you will have to wait until the next time the ancient bodhi tree is born, but.

Also a bold person with high skills, and the strength of the semi holy rank allows him to have enough capital to look down on everyone here with this indescribable gap, even the heaven.

Fight together, it is still unknown who will die with the temporary conclusion of this war, the reputation of xingyu pavilion exploded again it is quite rare in zhongzhou to be able to.

Tried her best to refine various pills that had great effects on cailin and mobilized xingyu pavilion to collect those heavenly materials and earth treasures, thus allowing cailin to rise.

Away, sneered, pointed his palm at the battle circle, and swung a few fierce punches through the air, a terrible strong wind cbd gummies directions directly passed through the void, and blasted heavily on the.

Facing the hoarse voice of the bone you saint, xiao yan also had a sneer on his face, raised his palm slightly, and the exquisite fire lotus in five colors also slowly sped up can you take advil with cbd gummies and rotated.

For a moment, and .

What Happens When You Vape Cbd Oil ?

cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies For Sleep, What Is Cbd Gummies top cbd gummies brands Thc And Cbd Gummies. then a series ECOWAS cbd gummies directions of shocked cbd gummies directions voices suddenly blurted out all of them are bodhi seeds hunyu and the others also stared at those emerald cbd gummies directions green light spots in shock, unable to.

The current xingyu pavilion has truly become a dragon s pond cbd gummies directions and a tiger s den, and next, they are waiting for the arrival of the styx league powerhouse cbd gummy club o5euz135ny in the center of the square, yao.

Easily while xiao yan was waiting for the state to come, yao lao once went out for half a month after half a month, he appeared in front of xiao yan again with a tired face, and handed.

Fire array the skeleton raised its head slowly, and while biting its upper and lower jaws, it actually let out a weird laugh it was that bone deep voice this old guy was actually able to.

Forbidden to enter after a year passed, everyone had to endure the anxiety in their hearts no matter how anxious they were about this kind of thing, it would not help but fortunately.

But what made xiao yan a little bit happy was that the group of soul jades did not get any benefit as long as he thought that those guys had worked so hard to get to the wild ancient.

The success rate of being cbd gummies directions promoted to the semi holy, because this alone is enough to make those extremely strong in the eyes of ordinary people go crazy this time, the harvest was great.

Expression did not relax this was the first time he had .

Is Cbd Vape Oil Safe If Ingested

top cbd gummies brands Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Gummy Reviews cbd gummies directions ECOWAS. fought against a semi saint powerhouse although the power to destroy the fire lotus was extremely powerful, he also understood the.

Teeth unwillingly, the black mist surged in his body, and turned into ferocious black mist beasts, screaming wildly and rushing towards the giant flaming hands bang bang facing the black.

Region, but in the end they got even a hair, xiao yan couldn t help but have the urge to laugh star meteor pavilion after returning to the starfall pavilion from the manghuang ancient.

War was tuoshe gudiyu the cbd gummies and fatty liver legacy of the last doudi powerhouse, it is said that there is the secret to reach doudi for this secret, the ancient eight clans fought and finally divided the.

Rushing sound the ancient bodhi tree standing in the center of the grassland, which had been motionless for almost a month, suddenly burst into dazzling emerald green brilliance.

Completely sealing off this piece of space, and any space fluctuations cannot penetrate the slightest bit xiao yan turned his head with a gloomy face, looking at the place where the space.

Counterattack by a semi saint, even a seriously injured semi saint, is terrifying to this level if .

Is Cbd Oil Illegal In France ?

cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies For Sleep, What Is Cbd Gummies top cbd gummies brands Thc And Cbd Gummies. you want to kill this old man, you re too tender gu you was also taken a step back by.

Strange as for how strong they are, I am afraid that even other races dare not say they have an absolute understanding therefore, for this mysterious ancient race, even the ancient race.

Situation gu you had been seriously injured by xiao yan s terrifying fire lotus before, and it was quite difficult to deal with a semi saint powerhouse, not to mention that the opponent.

Wind, and ruthlessly blasted towards gu you s head snort cbd gummies directions the sudden lightning attack made de guyou slightly distracted, but fortunately he came back to his senses in benefits of just cbd gummies an instant, forcibly.

The pure lotus demon fire plays a vital role, so, no matter what, the pure lotus demon fire must be obtained let s retreat with peace of mind, cailin, little doctor fairy, and qinglin.

Let out a sigh of relief, and said let s retreat, the people of the ancient clan are also here, and if we summon the strong to come, they will definitely do the same if that happens, we.

League we must know why these guys are suddenly so courageous um cailin nodded slightly she issued some of these orders when she received the battle post after two years of cbd delta 9 gummies near me performance.

From the monster and phoenix clan clustered together, looking at xiao yan and the surrounding space warily brother hunyu, are you okay jiufeng glanced at the pale hunyu and said in a low.

Minutes, the originally solid space became riddled with holes, and finally, under the panicked eyes of everyone, it burst open and opened up the ancient wilderness, the depths a huge.

S slightly dignified face cailin s beautiful eyes first glanced at the stone gate in the cbd gummies directions distance, then their eyes dimmed slightly, and immediately took out a blood red post from the.

Gu you sneered, and then stopped talking he gave xiao yan a stern look, turned around abruptly, and took the lead in plundering outside the manghuang ancient territory behind him, soul.

Amazement of the surrounding onlookers we haven t obtained much information about this operation of the styx alliance it is said that even some elders of the styx alliance are a little.

Do you think the old man will be so stupid that he will fall into the net hearing this, yao lao and the others also frowned you two, please show up seeing this, the old cbd gummies directions demon ming gave a.

Through the sky call out as soon as the hoarse voice of the guyou saint came down, the fire lotus, under the gaze of his .

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cbd gummies directions
  • 1.What Is Cbd Oil Addictive
  • 2.Does Cbd Oil Work For Quitting Smoking
  • 3.Does Duane Reade Sell Cbd Oil

cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies For Sleep, What Is Cbd Gummies top cbd gummies brands Thc And Cbd Gummies. green eyes, suddenly rushed towards it, and finally, under the.

Skeleton itself, but at this moment, the black skeleton s body, which is as firm as a diamond, is also covered with dense cracks the light wind blows across pure kana premium cbd gummies shark tank the sky, and the green light.

The first time, he should not have held back and killed him directly there .

Is Cbd Oil Taxable

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cbd gummies directions ECOWAS top cbd gummies brands Does Cbd Help You Sleep. would be no such thing as now however, he didn t know that if xiao yan hadn t helped the ancient bodhi tree to.

Huge phantom of the phoenix .

Does Dr Charles Stanley Sell Cbd Gummies ?

Cbd Sleep Gummies top cbd gummies brands, cbd gummies directions Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. roaming proudly above the sky was also .

Where Can I Buy Lazarus Cbd Oil ?

cbd gummies directions
  • 1.How Use Purekana Cbd Oil
  • 2.Can You Fly In The Us With Cbd Oil
  • 3.Are Cbd Oil Gummies Legal
  • 4.Does Cbd Oil Really Work For Parkinson S Disease
  • 5.How To Make Body Cream With Cbd Oil

top cbd gummies brands Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Gummy Reviews cbd gummies directions ECOWAS. affected the huge body trembled violently, and immediately, under the horrified eyes of the nine phoenixes, it burst.

Guests took action to build space wormholes in these cities, directly linking all these important cities together in this way, if any party is in trouble, they will be able to quickly.

Old demon tianming can t help but want to make a move yao lao narrowed his eyes and sneered the styx league has been quiet for more than a year, but this time they suddenly dared to post.

Himself, and finally cbd eagle hemp gummies walked to zhongzhou step by step, and rescued him from the soul palace among them, xiao yan had nothing to rely on all he could rely on was his own strength from then.

Space instantly, and some people with weaker strength felt a faint depression nine turn dou zun peak those neutral powerhouses in the distance felt the tyranny of this aura, and their.

Your starfall pavilion will be trampled into ruins sooner or later, but you should also be thankful that this time has come two years late billowing black mist gushed out from the crack.

Now, that fear is invisible, because now he has absolute confidence, and easily played with the two of them in the applause seeing the smile on xiao yan s face, soul jade and jiufeng.

Give in the grim smile on his face was even worse, and said it seems that today, this xingyu pavilion will inevitably flow into rivers of blood well, there are many strong people here.

Kind of fighting skill since your proud fire lotus has already been used, then let s go with the old man gu you s complexion showed a bit of embarrassment he never thought that he would.

To worry too much elder tongxuan laughed besides, if that day really comes, the ancient clan will probably not thc gummies with cbd oil stand idly by you have ancient jade on your body, and we won t watch it fall.

Violently, and with a wave of his hands, five flames appeared in front beonnito cbd gummies of him it seemed that xiao yan also understood that in order to truly defeat this bone ghost, he still had to use.

They also dispatched the strong people in the pavilion, and imposed cbd gummies for dogs joints strict martial law on this place anyone who makes the slightest movement will be beheaded on the spot as an enemy and.

Words fell, xiao yan punched fiercely at the void on the left, and the fiery wind formed above the fist, and there was a sudden violent fluctuation in that space, and then, a figure.

Except to fight to the end the surrounding starfall pavilion powerhouses also looked at yao lao, waiting for his decision call yao lao let out a sigh of relief, and after a while, Does Cbd Help You Sleep top cbd gummies brands nodded.

Soul clan, there is nothing shameless as ECOWAS cbd gummies directions long as we .

Can You Add Cbd Oil Into Vape

Cbd Sleep Gummies top cbd gummies brands, cbd gummies directions Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. can complete .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil For Nausea

top cbd gummies brands Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Gummy Reviews cbd gummies directions ECOWAS. the task, we can do whatever it takes it s too ridiculous for you to say this to the old man gu you sneered with a gloomy.

Chi when the two collided, there was a sharp chirping sound, and the extreme cold and the extreme heat intersected, bursting out waves of slightly fishy white mist, and finally diffused.

Mouthful of blood, and green light flooded into the empty eyes again, .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Under Eye Bags

Cbd And Sleep cbd gummies directions Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep, top cbd gummies brands. and his complexion was pale wiping off the blood at the corner of his mouth, gu you slowly raised his head, and said.

Xiao yan solemnly, and said, he has cultivated in chow cbd gummies the bodhi tree for a month, and his strength has skyrocketed to the peak of rank nine, and he still has some bodhi seeds in his hand if.

Again, rest and rest after the energy is re condensed, it will break out of the ground again but at that time, I am afraid that when the space changes, it also made everyone panic people.

Xiao yan, this may be the first time you have fought against a semi saint powerhouse in that case, I will let the old man tell you how huge the irreparable gap between dou zun and dou.

Yao lao, and it is impossible to kill him and because of this, although the styx league has always wanted to move to the starfall pavilion, in this year, it can only continue to create.

S gloomy gaze sweeping over, jiufeng s greenhouse cbd gummies reviews heart trembled, and he immediately shouted soul jade, don t make a move yet at the side, hearing jiufeng s shout, a sneer appeared on soul jade s.

With a single blow therefore, in the face of the shrinking of the starfall .

Does Love Stuff In Auburn Carry Cbd Oil

Cbd And Sleep cbd gummies directions Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep, top cbd gummies brands. pavilion s sphere of influence, yao lao and others did not organize a major counterattack, but kept retreating.

The ancient bodhi tree, then flicked his fingers, and the bodhi seeds in his hand flew over a few, floating in front of xun er, cailin, gu qingyang and the .

Can You Vape Or Smoke Cbd Oil

Cbd And Sleep cbd gummies directions Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep, top cbd gummies brands. others one by one thank you.

Be completely at a disadvantage yao Does Cbd Help Sleep cbd gummies directions lao waved his hand, he was also aware of the risks involved, but in this situation, there is no way around it the semi .

Is It Legal To Sell Cbd Oil In Nevada ?

top cbd gummies brands Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Gummy Reviews cbd gummies directions ECOWAS. saint powerhouse has an absolute.

Moreover, he has been chasing the pure lotus demon fire for Does Cbd Help Sleep cbd gummies directions more than ten years, and it is absolutely impossible for him to give up on it whether he can truly compete with the soul race.

And said slowly hehe, people like you who have been blasted to the point of being left with only their souls can still be resurrected, so how could this old man die so easily hearing.

Alliance, wouldn t this just be soft if you agree, how will the xingyu pavilion gain a foothold in zhongzhou in the future these guys are obviously directly provoking the little doctor.

Figure that suddenly appeared, gu you was also taken aback, and then said in a gloomy voice yaochen teacher, why are you here xiao yan was also stunned by yao lao s appearance, and there.

The starfall pavilion cannot show its cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies With Thc cowardice in front of so many people a breathtaking show will erupt naturally, this wonderful situation should not be missed for these people who.

Bodhi tree, faintly, as if something was about to burst out seeing the behavior of the bodhi ancient tree, hun yu and the others quickly retreated they already had a deep understanding of.

Lao, he really did a lot silently teacher, thank you xiao yan hugged the jade box tightly, took a deep breath, and said softly hehe, the master and apprentice are still talking about this.

Saw that elder tongxuan, xiao yan and others had met each other, and then briefly explained what happened here in a low voice the soul clan is becoming more and more arrogant now after.

Other side, their hearts sank slightly such a powerful attack could not cause them to be injured is the semi holy strong man really so powerful click under xiao yan s tight gaze, there.

Retreated quickly, and strange seals appeared on her jade hand, and as her cold shout fell, the golden flame lingering in the sky suddenly squirmed strangely, and immediately a dozen.

Ancient bodhi tree that had been standing in the space suddenly made a buzzing sound, and immediately, there were waves of fluctuations in this space, is the space going to collapse.

Countless small bone fragments on these bone fragments, there was a ferocious face from a distance, these ferocious faces were faintly gathered into is 1000mg of cbd gummies a lot a huge face that was ten feet large.

Those three words, he finally became completely cold boom with the sound of the last word of soul jade, all the powerhouses of the soul clan and the sky demon and phoenix clan almost.

Afar, and immediately appeared behind yao lao that exquisite and enchanting figure was cailin in the past two years, she spent most of her time in the xingyun how long do cbd gummies expire pavilion, and yao lao also.

Burned up looking at the bright flame that suddenly erupted from xun er, a strange color flashed across that bony face, and a slow voice resounded throughout the world golden emperor fen.

Realm, xiao yan and his group rested for a full week before recovering from the fatigue this trip to the ancient realm was not easy if xiao yan hadn t been able to wake him up from the.

Sighed softly and said with some regret on the side, xiao yan, who heard his words, smiled slightly, and lightly touched the part of his chest .

How Many Milligram Are In A 2500 Mg Cbd Oil ?

cbd gummies directions
Where Can I Locally Buy Cbd Oil ?Cbd And Sleep cbd gummies directions Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep, top cbd gummies brands.
Can You Use Denatured Alcohol To Make Cbd Oil ?Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cbd gummies directions ECOWAS top cbd gummies brands Does Cbd Help You Sleep.

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cbd gummies directions ECOWAS top cbd gummies brands Does Cbd Help You Sleep. where the heart was with his palm there.

Flames lingered in the sky, and the whole sky seemed to be burning at this moment jindi fen tianyan ranks fourth on the list of strange fires, second only to the jinglian demon fire.

Fuse his soul with the skeleton hearing these words, xun er s cheeks also changed slightly, her beautiful eyes turned to the direction where gu you was before, cbd gummies directions but she saw an old figure.

There was a ferocious face of the soul soul destruction palm as the shrill screams on the palm print became more and more intense, soul jade shouted angrily, and the pitch black palm.

Shocked to see that the black palm print that condensed most of the soul jade s fighting spirit was shattered and burst open under xiao yan s casual slap to be continued boom the pitch.

A strange shout came from his mouth roar accompanied by guyou s shout, the huge .

How Long Cbd Oil Good For ?

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cbd gummies directions ECOWAS top cbd gummies brands Does Cbd Help You Sleep. body of the black skeleton in the golden sea of flames suddenly trembled, and a stream of black mist poured.

Suddenly spun up at a high speed after a while, it suddenly turned into a blaze of fire, and rushed out from xiao yan s palm there was no sound at all along the way, but the space.

Than xiao yan, but not weaker as long as she has enough energy, her strength will not be slowed down the colorful sky swallowing python was such cbd gummies directions a powerful existence in ancient times.

A circle of emerald green light pelican cbd plus male enhancement gummies spread out from the bottom of the ancient bodhi tree under the diffusion of this light, the ground seemed to have turned into a liquid, and the ancient.

In his heart golden emperor fentianyan s ranking in Does Cbd Help You Sleep top cbd gummies brands the heavenly fire ranking was such a high ranking, which naturally proved its strength if it was to talk about the level of ferocity.

Suppressive effect on this kind of battle if the two semi saints from the soul hall are allowed to fight against other starfall pavilion powerhouses, it will undoubtedly be a one sided.

Reaction of the two people, xiao yan s mouth curled into a playful look before entering the ancient bodhi tree, if he met these two people, he would definitely be full of fear however.

Figure, a somewhat familiar faint laughter also sounded elder cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies With Thc tongxuan seeing cbd living gummies coupon code this figure, xiao yan was also slightly taken aback this old man was surprisingly the elder tongxuan whom.

Not be able to bear it well, brother xiao yan, be careful xun er nodded slightly with .

Will Cbd Oil Calm My Dog ?

Cbd Sleep Gummies top cbd gummies brands, cbd gummies directions Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. her Does Cbd Help You Sleep top cbd gummies brands perception, she could naturally sense the horror of the fire lotus in xiao yan s hand, and she.

Space, but before it exploded, a pale, skeleton like palm suddenly protruded from the crack, and it was pinched, and the black mist surged, corroding it into nothingness accompanied by.

Also slowly turned gloomy, his eyes fixed on the crack in the space, and he said gloomyly soul palace, it really is you who intervened jie jie, yao chen, the old man said long ago that.

Were quickly blended together by it, and waves of violent destruction cheapest best cbd gummies quietly spread out it is said that the golden emperor fen tianyan can burn fighting energy and has a great reputation.

Tianming also sneered, stepped out, and uttered a cold drink full of murderous intent yes hearing the old demon tianming shout coldly, the eyes of the many strong men from the styx.

From the original five star dou zun to the peak of dou zun in two years this kind of progress can be regarded as rapid cailin is a colorful sky swallowing python, her body is stronger.

Time, a huge circle of golden flames with tens of feet in length burst out of her body suddenly, and finally directly collided fiercely with the bones and palms of the black skeleton chi.

In a cold voice, quitting the sphere of influence of the xingyu pavilion thousands of miles away would shrink it by nearly half, and also promised not to have any disputes with the styx.

Stubborn her surname is, but at this moment she .

How Much Does Cbd Oil Cost In Wa ?

cbd gummies directions
Can You Take Cbd Oil While Breastfeeding ?cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies For Sleep, What Is Cbd Gummies top cbd gummies brands Thc And Cbd Gummies.

cbd gummies directions Cbd Gummies For Sleep, What Is Cbd Gummies top cbd gummies brands Thc And Cbd Gummies. understands that everything must be listened to by men oh, you boy yao lao shook his head helplessly, but his eyes were moistened a little.

Slightly he also understands this truth if that s the case, let s fight them at the end of the words, a hideous look appeared on yao lao s face to be continued the how does cbd gummy bears make you feel old demon tianming had.

Yan turned his head and said in a deep voice to xun er um xun cbd gummies directions er nodded slightly, and with a movement of her delicate body, she appeared in front of xiao yan seven colored family patterns.

This face was full of pain people are creepy xiao yan, the old man wants to see today, whether you, huo lian, who has been boasted so much by those useless guys, can break the old man s.

Solemn, and as soon as her handprints changed, countless pillars of golden fire shot out from the big formation they first hit the surrounding fire curtain, then bounced back, and finally.

Tianyan, ranked fourth on the list of different fires, the fire inherited from the ancient clan, I never thought that you, a little girl, could actually subdue it to be continued golden.

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