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Virtual Meeting of ECOWAS Experts/Ministers of Education on The Establishment of the ECOWAS Education Agency, 30th May to 1st June 2023

05 Jun, 2023

Abuja, Nigeria, 02 June 2023                                                                                         

The virtual meeting of Experts/Ministers of Education, from May 30 to June 1, 2023, was organized by the Department of Human Development and Social Affairs, Directorate of Education, Science and Culture of the ECOWAS Commission on the establishment of a specialized Education Agency in West Africa, which is in response to the growing educational needs and challenges in our community.


The quest to establish the ECOWAS Education Agency came as result of the recommendation of the Ministers of Education which was endorsed by Council of Ministers and adopted by the Heads of State and Government in 2017 to ultimately promote the harmonization of the education systems in the ECOWAS Region. This recommendation includes, among others, priority actions to address issues of Governance, Curriculum, Recognition and Equivalence of Certificates, Quality Assurance, and Resource Mobilization.

The meeting of Experts on the 30th and 31st May 2023 was preceded by the Director of Education, Science and Culture, Prof. Abdoulaye Maga, while the Ministerial meeting was conducted by the Commissioner for Human Development and Social Affairs, Prof. Fatou Sow SARR while the Honourable Minister, Ministry of National Education, Guinea Bissau, Mrs Monica Buaro da Costa, chaired the Ministerial meeting.


The Education Experts from the Member States and some partners participated in the meeting which focused on the recommendations for the establishment of the ECOWAS Education Agency with a view to respond to the educational needs and growing challenges of the Region. Member States of the Region share common challenges in education, the situation is worrisome because it hinders the economic and social development of the Region. The ECOWAS Education Agency when put in place through a synergy of actions can help fill the existing gaps by strengthening the coordination and implementation of education policies in all its ramifications.

The ministerial meeting is of crucial importance in the internal procedures of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Bringing together the Honourable Ministers of Education of the Member States or their representatives, which considered and adopted the report of the meeting of the experts. The adoption of the report is a major step in the establishment of the ECOWAS Education Agency, providing a solid foundation for future actions to promote regional educational excellence and strengthen cooperation between ECOWAS Member States to achieve common educational goals.

Through this initiative, ECOWAS reaffirms its commitment to improving the quality of education in the region and strives to create a conducive environment to improve the quality of education systems in the Region. The establishment and operationalization of the ECOWAS Education Agency will be a decisive step towards achieving this important goal.


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