Principal Internal Auditor Institutions outside Abuja, WAHO, GIABA (Email for applications: pauditorio@ecowas.int)

26 Dec, 2018

P5 Principal Auditor (Institutions, Agencies and Offices)

JOB TITLE Principal Internal Auditor Institutions outside Abuja, WAHO, GIABA
INSTITUTION Auditor General
ANNUAL SALARY 33607 UA –  37996 UA
DIRECTORATE Internal Audit
DIVISION Audit- (Institutions outside Abuja)
LINE SUPERVISOR Director, Internal Audit

Implementing comprehensive internal audit programs covering all risks relating to the applicable areas of intervention and in line with applicable professional standards, guidelines and planning.


·         Assist the Director, Internal Audit in the preparation of audit planning memoranda, determination of the scope, nature and timing of audit activities.

  • Prepare, document audit process, present objective reports that reflect audit results, make reasonable and objective recommendations on the systems and procedures being reviewed and monitor management’s response and implementation.

·         Review functions and activities to determine the nature of operations, operations, and related internal controls to achieve established objectives.

·         Assist in the coordination of audit activities as per the Internal Audit Charter and Internal Audit Manual

·         Lead and manage subordinates in the performance of audit assignments and ensure compliance with the audit time schedule.

·         Prepare audit reports and submits them to the Director, Internal Audit for review and subsequent approval by the Auditor General.

·         Follows up on audit findings to ensure that management has taken corrective action(s).

·         Ensure the safe custody of audit working papers, both hard and soft copies.

·         Influence the strengthening of the control environment, through Governance Risk and Compliance and other risk management tools. This will be done through timely audit recommendations and validation of management’s agreed to actions.

·         Contribute to the continuous update of audit methodology process, tools that are efficient and effective to support a high functioning audit department.

·         Assists and trains other audit staff in the use of computerized audit techniques, and in developing methods for review and analysis of computerized information systems as well as succession plans.

·         Assist with the Director, Internal Audit on capacity building programmes for the subordinates.

·         Develop the depth of the team, including ongoing management succession planning.

·         Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.




Education and Experience:

•      master’s degree (or equivalent) in business administration, finance, accounting or related field is required, and Certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), and Certified International Auditor (CIA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) or equivalent from a university of recognized standing;

•      a minimum of ten (10) years of progressively responsible professional experience in audit, finance, accounting, administration, statistics, or related area is required. Experience in supervisory functions is desirable. Experience in public sector auditing;

•      knowledge and experience of auditing in ERP environment (SAP for instance) and using specialized IT audit applications, such as IDEA, ACL, and TeamMate

•      expert knowledge of audit theory and practice, including principles and practical implementation of enterprise risk management, corporate governance issues and internal control practices.



5.1 Citizenship and age

·         Must be a citizen of any country in the ECOWAS Community

·         The maximum age for the recruitment in a professional position is 50 years old. This rule does not apply to existing employees.

5.2 Languages

·         Proficient in oral and written languages of French, English or Portuguese and a working knowledge of a second language.

 Applications should be sent to: pauditorio@ecowas.int

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