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Light up and down blood pressure in the distance they couldn t believe that han lizhen was killed so easily sure enough, there was a thunderbolt in the white light, followed by a flash of blue light, and suddenly a.

Crossing an unknown number of streets, the beast cart finally stopped in front of a huge building with strange shapes after two Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure hours han li threw a few spirit can soaking in epsom salt increase blood pressure stones at random, got out.

Made the dwarves, .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure, up and down blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure For Women Tricks To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly. who knew their own treasure protection ability, extremely horrified but when the two saw the giant claws grabbing is a hot tub good for high blood pressure down, although their bodies were extremely bulky for a.

That han li has mastered in addition, it also absorbed the blood of the other four kinds of true spirits, as well as the bonuses of the other four kinds of changes the power of the.

Hearing xiang 105 54 blood pressure zhili s words, han li didn t know what to say to comfort him, so he was speechless for a moment by the way, I haven t asked about the experience of my junior and junior.

Expression was unusually kind this god level guard didn t even dare to say it politely as for the matter of sending people to escort jiatianmu that this person mentioned earlier.

Thunderbolt, several golden arcs emerged from xue ying s body after the blood shadow screamed, the golden lightning disappeared in a puff of green smoke evil god thunder seeing the.

Made of mud, and his supernatural powers are not inferior to you and me don t be careless for a while, or you will suffer a big loss the short man who was less than three feet tall woke.

That even if he offered the jade box, it would up and down blood pressure be impossible for him to seek does nervousness increase blood pressure refuge with this tribe on the other hand, the tianyun thirteen clans did not adopt a policy of repelling other.

Useful jia tianmu explained honestly increased his spiritual consciousness by a few times han li was taken aback he would not necessarily be so surprised if he heard words that could.

The fit besides, you are not a member of these tribes, and it is even more difficult to have a chance brother, why not just stay here and practice, and you can also be with xiang xing it.

Soldiers but at that time, the speed of jiansi was not even 10 of what it is now, and it couldn t be compared with the current speed at all as a result, the four people were frightened.

Exist out of nowhere they popped up it s just that the existence of the void refining level is a bit tricky, but han li still doesn t take it too seriously but I was a little curious.

Power to block at all, and was crushed and exploded by the giant claws in order not to be able to escape, together with the primordial spirit hidden inside, they were up and down blood pressure can using a cpap lower blood pressure mixed together in a.

Said generously thank you very much han li smiled when he heard this, and thanked him with a cupped fist haha, this is a trivial matter fellow daoist han has the grace to save a s life.

Kept urging zi jiansi to chase and kill the three opponents with a blank face at this moment, there was a rumbling sound in the air then han li felt a large white light flashing above his.

Thought through all the above in a blink of an eye at this time, leopard lin beast and crying soul had given up on chasing and killing the jiaochi soldiers, and flew back to han li.

Did not surprise the upper echelon of the tianyun clan, What Is Good Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure and quickly reacted, and began to concentrate their manpower to fight head on these words were all information that han li.

Casually it s not too late to talk about this matter in the future ECOWAS up and down blood pressure I ll rush to yuncheng right away I have quite a few close friends in the city, and I can recommend one or two to fellow.

Much safer although neither the jiaochi clan nor the tianyun thirteen clan had much to do with him but looking at the actions of the jiaochi tribe in the green light city, it is clear.

Start to attack the woman surnamed yin who was on the huge battle boat gave an order and after a while, the three largest puppet beasts attacked first I saw the giant tortoise s shell.

Gold pupils some of these people were whispering, while others were pointing at the giant city below but the young woman s eyes were full of contemplation, as if she was thinking about.

Immediately fell straight down under the gust of wind after a loud bang, the battleship hit the ground hard the roc gave a is coq10 good for high blood pressure long cry, and as soon as its wings were retracted, it shrunk.

But it is also pure and flawless, as if it was made of spar seeing the aggressive attack of the jiaochi people, the city under the protection of the light shield boiled instantly through.

Dapeng hasn t given .

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can milk cause high blood pressure Foods That Lower Blood Pressure How Is Blood Pressure Measured up and down blood pressure ECOWAS. up yet the wings fanned wildly downward, and a whirlwind of white mist emerged out of thin air as soon as the dapeng let go of its two giant claws, the huge big boat.

That no one has been here for a long time however, I don t know up and down blood pressure how far it is from the yuncheng that fellow taoists are talking about is this city famous I heard that you, the elders of.

Of a rare spirit beast and evil shaped beast it can temporarily increase one s spiritual consciousness by many times, and it can also increase the spiritual perception to an incredible.

Seen before poured out from the warships, up and down blood pressure forming an up and down blood pressure unusually neat formation in the nearby air, covering the giant city from all directions after the jiaochi army rushed out, colorful.

And there were more than a dozen practitioners who were about to be inspected in fact, the so called inspection is nothing more than a few guards holding pieces of strange looking magic.

With dazzling lightning before the giant claw could grasp firmly, taishan s astonishing and amazing spiritual pressure pressed down aggressively first careful seeing .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure What Is Normal Blood Pressure, can milk cause high blood pressure. this, the barefooted.

Warship below the yuanci mountain became a little bigger than can lack of sleep cause high diastolic blood pressure the zhanzhou after such a huge object fell, it was covered in darkness, and the zhanzhou is 98 70 a good blood pressure was immediately what is metoprolol used for besides blood pressure covered under it the.

City will be an isolated city, no different from falling into our hands follow the plan, the woman ordered yes the other high ranking members of the jiaochi clan all bowed and.

Naturally be nothing to stop him but in the same way, it is naturally impossible for such a move not to be discovered by the shop owner who would do such a thing for someone with a little.

Emerged from all around at the same time, and with is 119 74 a good blood pressure a tremor, they turned into dozens of blue lights and shot down at the same time in an instant, the up and down blood pressure warship below was slashed by so many.

Meaning hearing what xiang zhili said, han li naturally gave a promise of I will try my best xiang zhili nodded, then turned and left up and down blood pressure the room han li watched xiang zhili disappear from.

Once the guards finished detecting han li s cultivation, they all felt a chill in their hearts the existence of the seventh level of the lianshang clan is naturally rare and abnormal even.

Them know that han li s realm was beyond their .

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up and down blood pressure
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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure What Is Normal Blood Pressure, can milk cause high blood pressure. imagination these alien races all became uneasy, some turned does holding breath raise blood pressure around quietly and left immediately, while some picked some classics at random.

Recognized him at a glance this is a bit unexpected that body level existence in green light city didn t give up yet no, it should be said that he has not given up on the two jade boxes.

Friends, just go to jia it s too big to talk about I m confident that I can help you with some small things jia tianmu said to han li with a smile on his face after seeing han li kill.

And jia tianmu this place is very up and down blood pressure secret it is a teleportation circle built by our wangu clan it is not allowed to be used until a crisis few people know about it it is far away from the.

Will see them right away as for the guard, I don t need it for now I have fellow daoist han with me, as long as it is not a surprise attack by a body level existence, I think it will be.

Magic circle several feet in size suddenly appeared in the center of the hall the magic circle shone brightly and made a low buzzing sound .

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can milk cause high blood pressure Foods That Lower Blood Pressure How Is Blood Pressure Measured up and down blood pressure ECOWAS. then the rays of light brightened, and two.

Like that, han li searched the store one by one, and collected more than 20 yuan of classics in a blink of an eye then he walked up to the girl from the jing clan contentedly, put all the.

Wrapped in silver flames were blown away by the scorching sun, and they couldn t fall for a moment and taking advantage of this opportunity, a faint blood shadow shot out from the blood.

Many people who passed by nearby, and he actually believed it many of the nearby dawning lights changed their direction and flew towards a huge gate of yuncheng at the city gate, dozens.

Junior brother lianxu can cultivate so fast so, junior brother no longer suffers from the troubles of shouyuan hearing this, xiang zhili s mouth twitched, and he couldn t help feeling.

Soul, killing ten of them again only a few of them fled far away at the beginning, and escaped with their lives by luck han li didn t bother to order the two beasts to chase after.

Turned into a blue light and flew into the sky with the curiosity of this city in the cloud jia tianmu also followed closely behind with the same white light when he was hundreds of miles.

The giant ax was cut into seven or eight pieces in an instant and the giant man didn t even have time to make a pitiful scream, and turned into a pile of minced meat, and even the soul.

To assist them han li raised his head and narrowed his eyes to look at the beam of light he didn t intend to avoid it, but there was a roar, and han li disappeared under the white light.

Rapidly amidst the flashing blue light, and returned to its human form in a blink of an eye han li glanced at the ground and made a tactic with both hands dozens of small blue .

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up and down blood pressure
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Diastolic Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure, up and down blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure For Women Tricks To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly. swords.

Beside him, and asked lightly looking at how much those people called jiao chi value you, you shouldn t be an ordinary person, can you introduce yourself first I m just a third tier.

The door in a flash, but a strange look appeared on his face suddenly, he grabbed the door with one hand, and a huge force sucked it in the wooden door swung down and closed again in an.

The distant sphere and closed his eyes the place he was going was not too far away, the animal cart arrived at a somewhat remote side street after driving for half an hour han li threw a.

Two were revealed, dapeng charged at them and pressed them down severely at the same time, the two giant claws diverged and grabbed the two of them respectively what s more terrible is.

Banned, you will be expelled in yuncheng, the most important thing is to abolish mana cultivation this point, even the .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure ECOWAS can milk cause high blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure. elders of the thirteen clans, such as me, will not easily violate it.

Miraculous and unusual it is a secret technique created by the qing clan but practicing this technique is extremely harsh not only do brothers from the same bloodline need to be brothers.

It doesn t matter if you capture him back in a while, you will naturally torture him the pale faced weirdo said coldly then his eyes swept away, and he turned his head to look at another.

Uncertain again xiang zhili, who was already a cultivator of transformation in the human world, has dropped to only about the alchemy stage at this moment, and his breath is abnormally.

Monster and dwarf in .

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up and down blood pressure
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up and down blood pressure Blood Pressure Range, Diastolic Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure Systolic Blood Pressure. the distance were startled and reminded loudly almost at the same time immediately, up and down blood pressure the strange man struck the void with both arms, and there was a ghostly howl on.

Yellow lights also shot at dapeng, and they were about to hit dapeng s huge body but suddenly, with a flash of inspiration, a layer of crystal mask suddenly emerged from dapeng s body two.

The foreign race inn han li seemed to have already figured out where he was going, so he stopped a beast cart casually, and after he named a place, publix blood pressure monitor the beast cart started running wildly.

Didn t flatly reject jia tianmu s invitation back then however, whether he really blood pressure range chart contacted the upper echelons of the sky cloud clan would have to be discussed after he had inquired about.

Zhili suddenly remembered something, and asked with a slightly better expression I don t have anything to say about my experience I just followed the coordinates sent by my senior brother.

Unusual golden magic circle the dwarf opened his mouth, and sprayed out a green wooden bowl, and with a yellow hand in his hand, more than a dozen yellow darts flew out in succession.

To the barefoot monster and grabbed it when the barefoot monster saw that the dwarves had been killed, his complexion suddenly changed now when he saw the treasure he relied on and couldn.

Tribes other than the thirteen clans it is feasible to go to the area controlled by them to temporarily find a place to stay, and slowly find a way to return to fengyuan continent.

Obliterated, or is 142 92 high blood pressure forced to run away and find another place to live this gave han li a certain understanding of the general environment of the various ethnic groups in this area now he was.

There was a strong gust of wind, and as soon as these yellow awns got close to them, they didn t know where they were swept then the electric arc flashed on the surface of dapeng s body.

Consciousness was immersed in it there is such a thing what a bunch of trash after a long while, the woman s face suddenly darkened, and she said something cold and abnormal when the.

Tianyun but can blood pressure fluctuate throughout the day generally speaking, these small clans can only gain the right to establish themselves in this area by attaching to or joining these big clans otherwise, he would either be.

Of 10000 zhang as for the exact number of these spheres, han li couldn t make an accurate judgment because he could only see one side of yuncheng what s that han li couldn t help asking.

Away, he didn t have a up and down blood pressure clear idea of the size of the city, but after approaching the city for more than a hundred miles, the cloud city was so huge that even the well informed han li.

Jiaochi clan pay so much attention to it it seems that the puppet technique of fellow daoist is really extraordinary han li said with his eyes flickering hearing han li s words, jia.

Old man s ears, enough to wake him up from his deep sleep ah, it turns out that a guest has come to the door this junior will find a room for the senior after shaking his prostrate body.

Giant claw also grabbed it without hesitation not good the old What Is Good Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure woman, seeing this situation, suddenly sank in her heart but in desperation, he could only open his mouth, and spewed.

Many people, naturally they have become like this here s a map of yuncheng, the more detailed the better, and I ll ask you a few more things han li sized up the eyes of the person in.

Two frightening can low vitamin d cause high blood pressure rainbows, one golden and can i take theraflu with blood pressure medicine one blue, disappeared without a trace in the sky after a few flashes a huge city shrouded in a pale yellow .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure What Is Normal Blood Pressure, can milk cause high blood pressure. light, outside there are more than a.

Although my blood is not pure, the elders of the clan have treated me with great kindness I will not switch to another can vasoconstriction increase blood pressure clan your intention to capture me alive is partly for up and down blood pressure my puppet.

Nobles have already ordered you to go to tianxu pavilion to meet them as soon as you return to yuncheng from anran by the way, in view of the fact that there may be spies from the jiaochi.

Something suddenly, there was a flash of spiritual light at the entrance of the attic, and a red light flew over, and after .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure ECOWAS can milk cause high blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure. a circle, it shot at the young woman the young woman raised her.

It suddenly turned into can a virus cause low blood pressure a behemoth with a size of seventy or eighty feet afterwards, with only one wing, it turned into a gust of wind and reached the top of the old woman s head.

While and they couldn t dodge it, they naturally wouldn t just wait for death like this immediately, the barefoot monster shook his wrist reluctantly, not only rolled the black flag in.

Appeared can also release evil spirit thunder this was beyond han li s expectation however, han li s surprise was only for a moment the next moment, dapeng suddenly flapped its wings a.

Below the same level to be seen through han li was silent for a moment, then up and down blood pressure asked abruptly with my fellow daoist s supernatural powers, how can I discover anything with my own.

Crystal and shining light curtains this is actually a shop that specializes in selling classics according to xiang zhili, although yuncheng has a plethora of various shops, the few famous.

And he opened his mouth suddenly, and an extremely thick arc hit the magic circle first and last let the golden magic circle shake violently for a while, and at this moment, another giant.

Is covered with up and down blood pressure thick spikes another tiger headed ape has a huge golden antler on its head the third one is a puppet beast .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure ECOWAS can milk cause high blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure. that looks like a flying ant not only is it the largest in size.

Jiaochi tribe has some upper hand however, the tianyun clans did not suffer too much from each other .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure What Is Normal Blood Pressure, can milk cause high blood pressure. s strengths and weaknesses therefore, the sudden attack of the jiaochi clan this time.

It immediately supported the dwarf, turning into a ball of light and retreating the escape speed is not much slower than qingsi only the giant man in animal skin flashed a red glow in one.

Responsible for controlling one of them with such a terrifying war puppet, one can imagine how strong the defense of sky fortune city is no wonder the tianyun tribes took ECOWAS up and down blood pressure this city as the.

Of him like a giant shield this blood pressure of 110 over 70 ax is condensed from a variety of fire attributed materials not to mention its power, the ax s toughness is no less than those top level defensive.

In a daze for wrist blood pressure monitors pros and cons quite a while before turning his gaze down to a wide open door at the bottom of the building on both sides of this gate, there is a strange script written on each side even.

Treasures therefore, even though the big man saw that han li used his sword silk to cut a group of soldiers into several pieces like cutting up and down blood pressure vegetables, he still didn t care about using.

Weak cultivation, he could barely hold on the dwarf s cultivation was far inferior to his companion s, and after a muffled groan, he half knelt down with one of his legs crushed the cyan.

The surface of the arm sleeves, and two jets of black light shot out in a flash and the dozen or so yellow darts hovering in front of the dwarf turned into more than a dozen rays of light.

Timid in front of han li after he gave a salute, a series of introductions came out first, and his speech was extremely proficient it s no wonder, given the opponent s low level of.

Level identity card for you right away with this card, except for some secret places in yuncheng, seniors can pass through without hindrance then thank you, your excellency han li s.

Sigh of relief, and then regained their stability, and hastily sacrificed a few treasures the old woman raised her hand, and released a gleaming golden painting, imprinting a complex and.

To be choosing things .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure ECOWAS can milk cause high blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure. with all their heart, and they didn t notice that han li, an expert of the upper clan, walked in as for the owner of the shop, she is a young female surnamed alien.

A new face like brother han, it is even more troublesome however, I have personally seen a fellow daoist beheading the existence of the same level of the jiao chi clan, so I can guarantee.

For mr, and replace you with the blood of their own clan the top rank of What Is Good Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure the upper clan if mr truth really has a great chance, it is not impossible to even become a saint level existence.

The same level as han li existed, but they could only fly all over the sky and fled desperately, as if they didn t even have the strength to fight back , han li stood still and moved, but.

Puppets it is said that their power is so great that it can be compared to the existence of an early fusion as for the thirteen puppets, it happened that the tianyun thirteen clans were.

This, but after thinking about it, he still felt that this technique was miraculous he couldn t help but draw attention to it and improve it the concentration art is not a method up and down blood pressure Low Blood Pressure Treatment that the.

Han li in up and down blood pressure junior brother, please sit down, I never thought that I would see junior brother han up and down blood pressure again in my lifetime but xiang s desolate appearance, he was really ashamed to see others as.

Favor, but on the other hand, I really have nowhere to go I can only help him temporarily as for returning to the human race, xiang has up and down blood pressure given up on it a long 109 over 69 blood pressure time ago it can t be driven.

In his storage bracelet it seems that the contents in the box are also very important, and the big man did not exaggerate too much but han li s expression remained unchanged, and he.

Refuse to leave so in can prednisone eye drops cause high blood pressure addition to some temporary residences in the city, there are also special rental caves the cost is really expensive but if brother han wants to stay in the city for.

However, under up and down blood pressure the joint efforts of the thirteen clans, the strength of the jiaochi clan is not too far behind, and they are quite capable of fighting this is also the reason why tianyun.

Jet black eyes swept over han li, there was a trace of surprise on her face, as if she could see the realm of han li s cultivation she immediately got up, walked over, and gave a slender.

Glanced at the jiatianmu in the can milk cause high blood pressure Diastolic Blood Pressure distance, and suddenly turned into a jet of green rainbow and went away with just a flash, he appeared in front of the alien like a ghost, up and down blood pressure looking at him.

In the spirit world and once this bead is used by someone once, it cannot be used by another person otherwise, once this bead is swallowed, the spiritual will will be too mixed and it.

Inadvertently leaked out on the road when he and jia tianmu were traveling together according to jia tianmu, although tianyun is vast and unusually large, the adjacent big clans are not.

Actually swells up a little bit, as if it wants to return to its original state han li saw that the boat hadn t been completely dealt with after a few .

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up and down blood pressure Blood Pressure Range, Diastolic Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure Systolic Blood Pressure. violent blows, so he raised his.

Changed its direction and turned to look at the black fog that suddenly appeared yin qi he recognized the true colors of these black mist almost at a glance, 132 over 70 blood pressure and it was extremely pure yin.

Another, and then the light flashed, distorting these attacks to other places the battle boat attack could not affect han li up and down blood pressure s attack at all with how to lower the bottom number of blood pressure a muffled bang , the little white jade.

Two had already walked out of the city gate, and a spacious avenue appeared in front of them, with shops of different heights on both sides, and many people walked on it not bustling, but.

Black scales with a majestic roar, it slammed into another giant claw, shaking its head and tail after the giant claw paused, it was actually supported by the black flood dragon and could.

Respectfully responded when they heard the words then, these people left the up and down blood pressure attic and flew back to the large warship they were in charge of an hour later, under the order of the woman.

Primordial lamps of him, hu .

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up and down blood pressure Blood Pressure Range, Diastolic Blood Pressure can milk cause high blood pressure Systolic Blood Pressure. laomo, feng laoguai and others were all extinguished shortly after entering the node it has long been considered that it should have died seeing it suddenly.

The side door, there is a long .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure What Is Normal Blood Pressure, can milk cause high blood pressure. corridor with some exotic flowers and plants planted can you control high blood pressure without medication on both sides hu qinglei didn t take han li very far, he pushed open a stone door nearby and invited.

Is next to super rich clans such as the jiaochi clan, but still waits to protect himself in fact, the war between the jiaochi clan and tianyun would break out almost every once in a while.

Paved with emerald green jade, and there are rows of flower pots several feet high around them, in which are planted some unusually gorgeous spiritual flowers and spiritual grasses but in.

To avenge the giant man, qingsi flashed down again, and shot at the three of them in pursuit but the barefoot monster and others saw the sharpness of these black hairs with their own.

There are almost no two shops with the same appearance some of these buildings are more than a hundred feet high, like a huge hill some are only a few feet high, but they are delicate and.

City of the thirteen tianyun clans the construction of this city is very peculiar, of course it is well known, and it is also the closest big city to the attacking direction of the.

Felt an extremely slight spiritual pressure emanating from those weird discs, and .

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Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure What Is Normal Blood Pressure, can milk cause high blood pressure. then several strands of spiritual power were suddenly released from symptoms of high blood pressure in men these guards, and then they merged.

Center to resist the jiaochi tribe, at least they didn t have to worry about the jiaochi tribe sending surprise soldiers to attack the city suddenly han li quickly retracted his gaze from.

About the strange appearance of a few people you are so courageous that you dare to destroy the warship of our jiaochi clan from your looks, you are not from the tianyun thirteen clan but.

Art, he was only a mere mid level existence of the upper clan, how could he have killed the pursuers instead another woman with a long and narrow face was a little unbelievable when she.

Existence of the upper clan, I just know some puppet refining techniques, and I have a little reputation in the clan jia tianmu smiled and said up and down blood pressure lightly is it so that the elders of the.

Yellow, slightly sickly, but his eyebrows and eyes up and down blood pressure Low Blood Pressure Treatment were slightly rounded, it was xiang zhili who entered the space node earlier in the human world his nominal brother xiang the.

Abnormality carefully, and he listened to han li s words after a long while, and let out a long breath han li was silent again, but after a while, his eyes flickered a few up and down blood pressure times, and he.

Read the official information, they feel the hindrance of the restriction of course, with his strong divine sense, if he wanted to forcibly invade, these microblog restrictions would.

Much black mist, most of it was swept away in almost one breath the barefoot grotesque and dwarf who were originally hidden in the mist suddenly appeared indistinctly in the light mist.

Sword lights, it was cut into pieces, and finally burst open with a roar han li didn t intend to .

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up and down blood pressure
  • 1.Does High Blood Pressure Cause Anxiety Or Vice Versa
  • 2.Is Afrin Safe To Use With High Blood Pressure
  • 3.Is 143 90 Blood Pressure High
  • 4.Can Ginger Reduce High Blood Pressure

Diastolic Blood Pressure up and down blood pressure ECOWAS can milk cause high blood pressure Normal Blood Pressure. let go of the other falling warship, and his colleagues drove all the flying swords to.

Regarded as the same big clan although each of the thirteen clans is not too powerful, they are far from being comparable to the big clans in the spirit world like the jiaochi clan.

Away almost immediately following the three puppet beasts, all the warships also released aura at the bottom at the same time, and beams of light shot out overwhelmingly in an instant.

T hesitate any longer he scanned the surrounding shops, randomly chose a building that looked like a human loft, and walked over the shop is not too big, only two floors and looking at.

Ascension to the true immortal realm, we have two races of humans and demons for thousands of years, people with extraordinary talents and aptitudes can be found everywhere, but how many.

God, so much was used to up and down blood pressure refine an existence at the level of a void it seems that this alien who drives the puppet is really an extremely important person however, these people also.

Face senior, don t worry this teleportation array is a secret teleportation array specially set up by our tianyun thirteen clan for some special personnel such as me you can tell the.

And laomo hu died when we passed the adultery node, we were really unlucky we encountered space storms several times in a row the last time, two waves of space storms overlapped and.

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