Selection of Firms for the Provision of Catering Services (Framework Agreement)

17 May, 2023

Selection of Firms for the Provision of Catering Services (Framework Agreement)
Reference No. 5-ECW/CIS/DAGS/18-05/ne

EN-EOI – Updated Catering Services-May 2023

1. The ECOWAS Commission intends to apply a portion of its budgeted funds for the Selection of
Firms for the Provision of Catering Services under a Framework Agreement. 2. The main objective is for eligible and qualified Catering Service providers with the relevant experience, to provide high quality and professional services for ECOWAS Commission meetings,
and any other events organized on a demand basis i.e. provision of a variety of foods and beverages
for lunch, dinner, cocktail, coffee breaks and snack boxes.

3. The menu proposed for each category should be prepared according to the budget of the meeting and
the formation of the meetings as categorized below:  Category A: Hybrid – V.V.I.P meetings  Category B: V.I.P meetings  Category C: In-house meetings  Category D: Training Programmes  Category E: Other types of ECOWAS Events
Service Providers are requested to submit their Technical and Financial Proposals
electronically, and indicate the category of interest as highlighted above. Service Providers are
not limited to submitting proposals for one category only, and may submit for either one or
more categories. The category or categories must be clearly stated in the submission.

4. The Framework Agreement will be for an initial duration of one (1) year and may be subject to
renewal conditions based on performance of the service contract.

5. The ECOWAS Commission invites eligible Service Providers (“Consultant Firms”) to express their
interest in providing the services. Interested Service Providers shall provide information showing
that they have the required qualifications and experience to provide the requested services. The
applicants are to meet the criteria set out below.

6. Service Providers must submit a Technical and a Financial Proposal.
The Technical Proposal of the Service Provider must be sent in a passworded document
electronically. It must be signed and include the following elements which will be used as criteria
for evaluation:  The Service Provider’s profile indicating the experience of the company in the type of services. A
minimum of five (5) years’ experience is required.  The Service Provider should include a reference list of clients with similar services provided
(current or past clients) for a minimum period of two (2) consecutive years or more, along with their
contact details.
 The Service Provider should include a business registration certificate and license documents
showing the number of years in this type of business. The minimum requirement is five (5) years.
 The Service Provider shall provide a brief description in the technical proposal of how the company
plans to carry out the services i.e. its approach and methodology.
 Details of the Service Provider’s quality assurance of food and services are monitored to ensure it
receives excellent level of services, procedures and practices showing that they qualify.
 Proposed menu plan: for catering services for meetings, coffee breaks, lunch and brunch should
include a wide variety of items. This part should demonstrate the ability of presenting a variety of
healthy foods, snacks, beverages etc to accommodate different needs and tastes.
 List of all equipment and machines intended to be used in executing the contract with photos of
utensils, cutlery, crockery, buffet server & food warmers etc.
 Demonstration of the availability of staff.
 The company’s health and safety practices, Food Handling procedures.
Financial Proposal:
 The Financial Proposal must be signed and sent electronically in a passworded document.
 The Financial Proposal must include the prices for any category applied for and should not include
VAT or other additional taxes of any nature.
(NB: The ECOWAS Commission would like to draw the attention of interested consultants to Article
117 of the revised ECOWAS Procurement Code on “Fraud and Corruption”, which provides
information on fraudulent or corrupt practices in competition or contract execution. Furthermore,
candidates are invited to take cognisance of the specific information on conflict of interest related to
this consultancy service, under Article 118 of the revised ECOWAS Procurement Code).

7. Service Providers are allowed to constitute Joint Ventures to enhance their chances of qualification.

8. The selection of Catering Service Providers will be made in accordance with the Framework
Agreement procedures as laid down in the Procurement Code. Interested Catering Service Providers
may obtain more information by contacting the Procurement Division at the email below during
working hours, i.e., Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (GMT +1). Email:, with copy to:;;

9. Expressions of interest must include the Technical and Financial Proposals in two (2) separate
passworded documents named accordingly and must be submitted electronically to the dedicated
email address:

10. The subject of the email should read “Selection of Firms for the Provision of Catering Services
(Framework Agreement)” and submitted no later than Monday, 10th July 2023 at 11:00 a.m.
(GMT+1, Nigerian time).

Please note that physical documents will not be accepted at the ECOWAS Commission, only
electronic submissions to the dedicated email address are allowed.

Commissioner for Internal Services

Member States