Selection of an Individual Consultant for the Position of “Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist/Expert”

19 Apr, 2023

Selection of an Individual Consultant for the Position of “Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist/Expert”
Reference No. 2-ECW-/VP-DBT/CL/19-04/ne

1. The ECOWAS Commission intends to apply a portion of its budgeted counterpart funds for the
Selection of an Individual Consultant for the position of Disaster Risk Reduction
Specialist/Expert under the Sahel Resilience Project – Strengthening capacities for disaster risk
reduction and adaptation for Resilience in the Sahel Region: fostering risk-informed solutions
for sustainable development. 2. The main objective of this regional project is for Regional Institutions and National Governments
to have institutionalized and domesticated risk-informed development planning, programming and
investment for resilience building.

3. The scope of work includes inter alia providing high quality technical support to the ECOWAS
Commission in the implementation of the project activities; as well as liaising with National Focal
Points in the ECOWAS Member States by providing technical advisory and advocacy support to
the countries, as per the requirements of the ECOWAS Commission.

4. The duration of the short-term contract will be for a period of three (3) months from start date.

5. The DRR Specialist/Expert will be responsible for providing key technical support for the effective
and efficient achievement of the project outputs. Specifically, the DRR Specialist/Expert will be
responsible for the following four key result areas:
i. Capacity Development and Technical Advisory Support
ii. Policy Support
iii. Project implementation
iv. Knowledge sharing and partnership.

6. The ECOWAS Commission invites eligible Individual Consultants (“Consultants”) to express their
interest in providing the services. Interested Individual Consultants shall provide information
showing that they have the qualifications and experience to provide the requested services. The applicants are to meet the criteria set out below:


 Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or higher), preferably in disaster management,
geography, natural resources management, development studies, social sciences, public policy or a
closely related field is required.


 A minimum of 7 years of professional work experience in providing technical advice in the
development and implementation of policies and programmes, including the review of policy
documents and programmes in the area of disaster risk management, climate change and recovery at
the regional and national level and capacity building of key stakeholders is required.

 Coordination experience in Africa in the area of DRR, working with governments, development
partners, and international organizations, is required.

 Experience in providing regional policy advice, regional technical assistance, and capacity development support to multi-stakeholder institutions in establishing and coordinating multi-partner interventions in West Africa is highly desirable.

 Previous experience working with an international or regional organization or multilateral, including
UN is preferred.

 Knowledge of and experience within the ECOWAS system would be an asset.

 Fluency in English, both spoken and written, including the ability to set out a coherent argument in
presentations and group interactions, is required.
 Fluency in French, both spoken and written, including the ability to set out a coherent argument in
presentations and group interactions, is highly desirable.
 Fluency in any other ECOWAS official language is an added advantage.
Technical Competencies:
• Knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction principles and frameworks, and ability to guide delivery at
regional, national and community levels.
• Knowledge of DRR concepts, frameworks and principles and ability to apply to strategic and/or
practical situations.
• Knowledge of how multiple risks and impact on development, and the delivery of resilience to
communities and countries through reducing vulnerability and reducing risk; and
• Proficiency in conducting research and analysis.
• Proficiency and experience in MS Office applications and other relevant software packages.
• Excellent oral, written and presentation skills.
• Effective organizational and problem-solving skills and ability to manage a large volume of work in
an efficient and timely manner.
• Ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate and monitor (own) work.
• Ability to work under pressure, with conflicting deadlines, and to handle multiple concurrent
• Ability to efficiently handle and share information and knowledge.
• Ability to work and adapt professionally and effectively in a challenging environment.
• Ability to work effectively in a multicultural team of international and national personnel.
(NB: The ECOWAS Commission would like to draw the attention of interested consultants to Article 117 of the
revised ECOWAS Procurement Code on “Fraud and Corruption”, which provides information on fraudulent
or corrupt practices in competition or contract execution. Furthermore, candidates are invited to take cognisance of
the specific information on conflict of interest related to this consultancy service, under Article 118 of the revised
ECOWAS Procurement Code.)

7. The selection of the Consultant will be made following the criteria for the Selection of Individual
Consultants set out in the Guidelines for Consultants. Interested consultants may obtain more
information by contacting the Procurement Division at the email below during working hours, i.e.,
Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (GMT +1). Email:, with
copies to:;;

8. Expressions of interest (1 original and 3 copies) must be submitted in sealed envelopes marked
“Selection of an Individual Consultant for the Position of “Disaster Risk Reduction
Specialist/Expert”, no later than Tuesday, 9th May 2023 at 11:00 a.m. (GMT+1, Nigerian time)
to the following address:
Department of Internal Services,
Procurement Division,
1st Floor, ECOWAS Commission Headquarters,
Plot 101, Yakubu Gowon Crescent,
Asokoro District, Abuja, NIGERIA

Please note that electronic submissions are also ACCEPTED and should be sent to the email addresses
mentioned above in paragraph 6.

Commissioner for Internal Services


Member States