Recruitment of a consultant to regularly update the OOAS website

25 Sep, 2023

Reference No 15/TEND/ ICS/ ADMI-WAHO/2022/037

EoI Recruitment of a consultant to regularly update the WAHO Website

1. Introduction
The West African Health Organization (WAHO) is the health institution of the Economic Community of West
African States (ECOWAS), with a mandate to ensure the attainment of the highest possible level of health
protection for the populations of the ECOWAS region.
To fulfill its mission of improving the health of the people of West Africa through regional programs and
interventions designed to accelerate sustainable, health-enhancing development, WAHO has harmonized the
communication tools and visibility of ECOWAS agencies and institutions. Some of WAHO’s communication
tools have been adapted to the ECOWAS graphic charter, which serves as a reference.
In the same vein, and following the adaptation of these tools to the ECOWAS Commission website, WAHO
wishes to continue with the adaptation of the graphics of its current official website
(, the interface of our SharePoint Intranet and its 3 social networking platforms
(Twitter, Facebook and YouTube).

This recruitment will enable WAHO to achieve harmonized communication tools and boost its visibility in
line with other ECOWAS institutions.

2. Main objective of the mission
The recruitment of a consultant for the regular updating of the website aims to harmonize the graphics of the
current WAHO website, intranet, Facebook, twitter and YouTube social network pages with the new
ECOWAS graphic charter, and to contribute to their updating in terms of content.

3. Duties and responsibilities
Under the supervision of the PO Webmaster and Network of WAHO, the main role of the consultant for the
regular updating of the website is the harmonization of the graphics of the current WAHO website. The
consultant must be a dynamic individual and will work closely with the WAHO IT unit, being able to advise
and guide on innovative website issues.

The incumbent will be expected to perform the following roles and responsibilities:
• Work with the IT team on the website, corporate intranet and corporate social networking
platforms, in line with the new charter.
• Coordinate actions with the website management committee
• Ensure regular updating via a well-defined and implemented mechanism with staff support
• Implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for the platform
• At the end of the assignment, draw up documentation on the work and recommendations

4. Specific mission objectives
The consultant for the regular updating of the WAHO website must work to achieve the specific objectives
defined below:
• Propose and obtain approval for the mission schedule
• – Analyze and evaluate the existing website:
o Conduct an in-depth review of the Drupal website to identify strengths, weaknesses and
opportunities for improvement.
o Evaluate website performance, usability and security.
• Suggest improvements and additional functionalities
o Collaborate with the IT team to propose solutions and features that improve the website’s
user experience, accessibility and performance.
o Identify relevant Drupal modules and third-party extensions to extend existing website
• Implement enhancements:
o Configure and customize Drupal modules to meet specific requirements.
o Carry out rigorous testing to ensure that enhancements are functional, secure and
compatible with the Drupal versions used.
o Assist in the collection, processing and regular distribution of information on our

• Social Media Management:
o Develop and implement a content strategy for social networking platforms (Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube) to promote the institution’s visibility and engage the community.
o Create and regularly publish attractive, informative and engaging content on the various
o Analyze social network statistics and performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of
strategies and make improvements.

• Optimize website performance:
o Improve site load times to ensure optimal performance.
o Implement search engine optimization (SEO) practices to improve website visibility in
search engines.
• Update the Drupal CMS engine
• Update website content
• Propose and validate the website management committee
• Produce and update documentation on all actions undertaken

5. Duration, location and nature of position
This is a WAHO consultant position. The duration of the assignment is twelve (12) non-renewable months.
The Consultant will be based at WAHO headquarters in Bobo-Dioulasso, BURKINA FASO.

6. Content of the expression of interest
WAHO invites eligible individual consultants to express their interest in providing the services described
Interested individual consultants should provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the
services described above. Their expression of interest shall include:
 A letter of expression of interest specifying the title of the assignment;
 A detailed, sincere, dated and signed curriculum vitae of the consultant, highlighting qualifications
and experience in carrying out similar assignments, as well as the various references for the audits,
 Copies of the required diploma and certificates/attestations of work or service or completion.

7. Selection method
A consultant will be selected according to the method for the selection of individual consultants as
described in the ECOWAS Procurement Code revised in September 2021.

8. Evaluation criteria for expressions of interest
Essential criteria (80 points)
Diplomas (15 points):
 Essentially hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent and have certificates in the
field of webmastering. or any other relevant field (15 points), Eliminatory criterion.
Professional experience (65 points):
 A minimum of 05 years’ advanced experience in web development, particularly with the Drupal
CMS, in-depth knowledge of Drupal, including theme customization, module creation and
performance management. (15 points) ;
 Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to customize and extend Drupal functionality, as
well as in tools such as Git, Drush and Composer (10 points);
 A minimum of at least 03 years’ demonstrated experience in managing social networking platforms,
including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. (10 points);
 SEO skills: knowledge of basic SEO principles and search engine optimization (5 points)
 Good knowledge of trends and new technologies (5 points);
 Communication and collaboration skills (5 points)
 Knowledge of the Linux operating system (website deployment environment) (10 points).
 Ability to pass on skills: have completed several training courses in the field, particularly on the
Drupal CMS (5 points).
Desirable criteria (20 points)
 Ability to speak and write fluently in one of the ECOWAS Community languages and
proficiency in a second ECOWAS Community language: 10 points

 Ability to speak and write fluently in a second ECOWAS Community language: 10 points

NB: Recruitment will take place in two phases. A selection phase based on the candidate’s application
file and a second oral interview phase including a practical test.

Information, deadline and address for submission of applications

Further information can be obtained during working hours from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 4:00 pm, by
contacting the following email address:
Interested parties can access the terms of reference and the notice of expression of interest on the WAHO
website at the following address:
Interested and qualified individual consultants should express their interest by submitting their detailed CV
and relevant documents to:

The deadline for receipt of bids is October 05, 2023 at 3 pm UTC.

WAHO will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the individual consultant in connection
with the preparation or submission of the expression of interest.

Dr Melchior Athanase J.C. AÏSSI

Director General

Member States