Consultant to provide technical support for the finalisation of the process of assisting Member States in setting up national food security storage policies and governance instruments

10 Nov, 2023

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ECOWAS Commission has received funding from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD),
and intends to use part of it to make payments under the Support to the Interim Phase of the West
Africa Food Security Storage Project (STOCK II).

The assignment will consist of providing technical support for the finalisation of the process of
assisting Member States in setting up national food security storage policies and national stock
governance instruments, and building the capacity of national storage system stakeholders.

ECOWAS, represented by the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (RAAF), invites applicants to
express their interest in providing the Services described above.

This request for Expressions of Interest is addressed to firms or consortium of firms.
The eligibility criteria for AFD financing are specified in Article 1.3 of the “Guidelines for the Award of
Contracts financed by AFD in foreign States”, available online on the AFD website:

Applicants can only submit one application on their own behalf or as part of a Group. If an applicant
(including a member of a Group) submits or participates in several applications, those applications
will be eliminated. However, a Sub-Contractor may participate in several applications.

If the Applicant is a consortium, the Expression of Interest must include:
– a copy of the consortium agreement entered into by all its members, or
– a letter of intent to form a consortium, signed by all its members and accompanied by a copy
of the proposed consortium agreement.
In the absence of this document, the other members will be considered as Subcontractors.

The references and qualifications of Subcontractors are not taken into account in the evaluation of

Interested Applicants must provide information demonstrating that they are qualified and
experienced to perform the Services. In this respect, they must provide evidence that they have
references for recent and similar services.

The similarity of the references will be analysed based on :
− The size of the contracts;
− The nature of the Services: technical support for finalising the process of assisting Member
States in setting up national food security storage policies and instruments for governing
national stocks, and in building the capacity of those involved in national storage systems;
− Field and technical expertise: food security and food storage issues, agricultural policies in
West Africa and regional institutions; agricultural institutions and mechanisms for
preventing/managing food and nutritional crises, as well as related legal issues.
− Geographical context: experience within the West African States, Chad and Mauritania on
food security issues, agricultural institutions and food and nutrition crisis
prevention/management mechanisms.

The Client will also examine the relevance of the Expressions of Interest in the light of the following
– Availability of qualified personnel;
– Ability of the applicants to mobilise local partners, if necessary.

RAAF will select a shortlist of between four (4) and a maximum of six (6) consultants, shortlisted
on the basis of the applications received, to whom it will send the Request for Proposals for the
performance of the required Services.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted to, cc’d to,, : email subject “AMI03-Candidatures”
no later than november 30, 2023 at 11.00 am GMT (UTC).

Interested applicants can obtain further information at the following e-mail addresses:,,,; five (05)
working days before the deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest, with the subject “AMI03-

Member States