• Basic Information
    Head of State/Government Bola Ahmed Tinubu
    Governance Federal Presidential Republic
    Capital Abuja
    Land area 923,768 km2 or 356,667 sq mi
    Population 174,507,539 (2013 estimate)
    Independence 1 October 1960
    Official language English
    Major spoken languages -
    Life expectancy -
    GDP per capita (PPP) -
    Annual Growth Rate -
    Currency Naira
    Human Development Index -
    Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
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  • Ministry Responsible for ECOWAS Affairs
    Name of Ministry Minister of State – Foreign Affairs, (In charge of ECOWAS Integration)
    Name of Minister H.E. Zubair DADA
    Address -
    Phones -
    Fax -
    Emails -
    Website -
  • Ministry Responsible for ECOWAS Foreign Affairs
    Name of Ministry Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Name of Minister H.E. Geoffrey ONYEAMA
    Address -
    Phones -
    Fax -
    Emails -
    Website -
  • ECOWAS National Office
    Name of Head of Office Dr. Yakubu A. DADU
    Address Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sir Tafawa Balewa House, Room 328, Western Wing, Opposite Eagle Square, Central Business District
    Phones -
    Fax -
    Emails ,
    Website -
  • Permanent Representatives to ECOWAS
    Name of Permanent Representative -
    Address -
    Phones -
    Fax -
    Emails -
  • Resident reprenstatives of ECOWAS in Nigeria
Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Head of State - Nigeria


213 Million

2021 Estimate


Official Language


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