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Clear eyes, it was extremely clear this place is actually a natural underground grotto, the surroundings are quiet and empty the corner of han li s mouth moved, and his eyes fell on an.

Around the vortex these stone pillars are made of unknown materials they look like gold but not gold, wood and not wood, but they can half float in the surrounding sea water without.

Back then his spiritual root aptitude was considered average, but now he has advanced from the qi refining stage how does black seed oil aid in weight loss to a monk of alchemy han li was naturally a little surprised senior.

Lightly, looking noncommittal, and his eyes fell on the eyeball the boy was silent for a while, but in the end he didn t pursue the matter Ultimate Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now any further instead, he glanced at those dark.

Trip, the black shadow stopped roaring, and his figure shook, and suddenly disappeared in the devilish energy below han li s expression moved, but he flicked his sleeves unhurriedly, a.

Because in the process, he also found some traces of the activities of the black robed people transformed by the second nascent soul the caves left by many ancient monks are already empty.

Disappearing into the sky, another big man who had never spoken, let out a long weight loss with mct oil breath, as if he still asked in disbelief it s not this martial uncle han, but who is it it s a good chance.

Recorded in this jade book was originally the way of talisman cultivation by immortals if you, a monk in the human world, can easily understand it, I would doubt the authenticity of the.

Neglect to release sound transmitting talismans to summon the other suitable disciples on the island after a while, another wave of monks gathered, and the two immediately distributed the.

Of the secret hall, and the strange faces on their faces fell into the eyes of other monks as soon as such shocking news spread, most of the people who heard it didn t believe it at all.

Spirit thread seems to be light weight loss michelle carter now blue, but yours is translucent, which seems to be a little different from what I remember the boy looked a little hesitant oh, generally speaking, how.

Successful one han li replied calmly okay, it s fine if you have a fellow daoist the boy seemed very satisfied with han li s answer, and immediately shut up and stopped talking as for han.

Young age weight loss michelle carter now in this way, three months later, the viewing ceremony of luoyun sect was held there were as many as a hundred nascent soul monks present, and several can water cause weight loss times as many alchemy monks.

Robed monk in the alchemy stage was asking cautiously it seemed that he already knew han li s identity the rest of the foundation .

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weight loss michelle carter now Quick Keto Gummies, Vibez Keto Gummies pill for menopause and weight loss Keto One Gummies. building stage monks stood farther away with their hands.

A blink of an eye after seeing han li clearly below, they all fell from the sky with a glare join the great elder meet master han these people came forward to salute respectfully, the.

Seven or eight thousand feet deep into the devil s abyss, he couldn t help but feel a little shaking in his heart could it be that his prediction was wrong, the second nascent soul did.

Fire even makes the air above the basin twist Ultimate Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now and shake, showing a hazy weight loss camp adults and gorgeous color and that ball of blood was hovering above the lake of lava, and at does lecithin promote weight loss the same time, the sound of.

Standing above the entrance of the former demon abyss the huge vortex at that time is now only fifty or sixty feet wide, and there are more than a dozen huge stone pillars scattered.

Eye doesn t look too pure it seems that the three eyed monster that you destroyed was not a real shattering beast, but a strange spirit beast that inherited part of the blood of the.

In fallen .

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weight loss michelle carter now
Is Oatmeal Good Or Bad For Weight Loss ?(Acv Keto Gummies) weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS pill for menopause and weight loss Keto Luxe Gummies.
Is Oats Maggi Good For Weight Loss ?(Acv Keto Gummies) weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS pill for menopause and weight loss Keto Luxe Gummies.

(Keto Gummy Bears) weight loss michelle carter now Keto One Gummies, pill for menopause and weight loss. demon valley back then could it be that the disappearance biking vs running for weight loss of the three girls has something to do with this demon corpse for no reason, this weird idea emerged in han li s mind.

But weight loss michelle carter now han li never showed up in front of the crowd again the dozen or so nascent soul level old monsters with the highest cultivation bases didn t even notice this at all, and the moment.

In this world, I m afraid it won t be easy to provoke this person wei wuya said indifferently what, brother wei weight loss michelle carter now s shou yuan has arrived master zhi yang was startled, then shocked that s.

Deepest part of the demon abyss the golden arc demonic qi kept intertwining, but with the sound of low thunder, it kept collapsing and annihilating han li turned a blind eye to all this.

Did not blink but suddenly, his expression became a little strange, as if he was a little uncertain after hesitating for a moment, his figure moved again only this time, han li seemed to.

The cave with his spiritual sense after confirming that the second nascent soul was indeed not here, he decisively rushed to the exit with one hand and slashed into the void after a flash.

Tianlan recognized them how did weight loss surgery cincinnati fellow daoist han obtain these two things tell me first the boy glanced at han li, but asked in surprise one weight loss michelle carter now is what I got from a fire cauldron that has.

In his hand and almost at the same time, the woman surnamed song felt that the magic power in her body that she couldn t lift at all immediately circulated freely there was a look of.

Energy comes from xuanyin s demonic art only patriarch jiyin and wu chou, who were killed by others, have practiced this technique han li s expression was uncertain, and he fell silent.

You guys take care of yourself I ll go down first han li didn t want to delay any longer with a flick of his sleeve, a ball of three color flame rolled down his hand, turning into a three.

The ground to release a strange blue and white pillar Oprah Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now of fire, continuously burning the wings after an unknown amount of time, han li decided to stop and opened his eyes he looked at the.

The ceremony just ended, they all left luoyunzong in a state of anxiety, and none of them stayed in luoyunzong for a moment in this way, the other monks were naturally weight loss michelle carter now even more surprised.

Required materials in the jade slip from the tone of the great elder, these materials are used for refining weapons, and .

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(Acv Keto Gummies) weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS pill for menopause and weight loss Keto Luxe Gummies. they seem to be quite rare brothers, it seems that we have to put.

It will be nothing in the end brother zhiyang, if you and I have known each other for so many years, if you listen to my advice, .

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(Acv Keto Gummies) weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS pill for menopause and weight loss Keto Luxe Gummies. .

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pill for menopause and weight loss Best Keto Gummies Keto Gummies Ketology weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS. you should stop getting involved in the affairs of tiannan.

The body is demonized, and the appearance changes drastically, and at the worst, the consciousness is lost, and it becomes half human and half devil from then on thrilling exception.

Jade book what s more, what you got is only half a page does prednisone cause weight loss of jade book, so it will be more difficult to comprehend it the boy smiled lightly and said without surprise .

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Biopure Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now Biolife Keto Gummies, pill for menopause and weight loss. what you said is also.

Is not like youtian kunpeng and rahu beast, which can forcibly shuttle through the gaps in the space of all realms, but the supernatural power it possesses can also weaken the power of.

Came to her ears the woman surnamed song was clever, she suddenly came back to her senses, and as soon as she raised her head, she met han li s eyes that seemed to be smiling but not.

There is a heavenly illusion sect in the spiritual world that once offered a sky high price to buy this spar, but for some reason, it was quickly cancelled so I don t know if this spar.

It s not my fault in the refining method, but your fault in predicting it in advance han li said angrily well, I m afraid that s the case a trace weight loss michelle carter now of embarrassment weight loss michelle carter now finally appeared on the.

Sinking manner, then silently pondered on the spot it seems that we really have to use that method to track down their tracks this method is a secret technique that he will get later.

To tiannan on his own initiative, and even hid in the falling demon valley if this is the case, the disappearance of mu peiling s three daughters is probably related to it, and it should.

More than a dozen beams of light shot straight at the top of the mountain where han li was sitting cross legged han li didn t intend to get up, but just looked at the group of monks.

Arm covered with pitch black fur protruded out like lightning, and grabbed onto the light curtain there was a loud boom , and the devil s claws penetrated more than half a foot into the.

Accident, it will not take much effort to rescue them but is there something in the silver taddle text you taught me that is not detailed why is the content in the jade book so bitter and.

Wait for something to happen on the way, so please don t be offended by qianwang hey, are these two fellow taoists also disciples of the noble sect the oldest man in the lead laughed at.

Raised his hand, and the jade slip turned into a ray of blue light and fell does manjaro work for weight loss into weight loss prescription pills his palm his divine sense swept over it, and he raised his eyebrows lightly sure enough, it s very close.

Days before talking this place is so secret, if the second nascent soul just left temporarily, it will return soon if not, he would really find another place to live in the valley, or he.

And sat quietly on weight loss michelle carter now a certain mountain for a day and a night, wondering how he would deal with it if he fell into the situation of the second nascent soul actually, let zhen weight loss michelle carter now really.

Indifferently suddenly his eyes flickered, and he let out a small sigh, and there was a strange look on his face as a result, the two can weight loss be the only symptom of cancer teams of monks reached the sky above the mountain in.

That he can overwhelm him and according to the three women, after the 1 month weight loss retreat second nascent soul seized the body of the tiansha demon corpse, he completely regarded this xuanyin as his main.

Changed, but he didn t speak out to refute it seems that wei wuya really hit the mark if I were a fellow daoist, I wouldn t humiliate myself but wei doesn t care, my time is coming, even.

From a hundred years to hundreds of years generally speaking, the longer the time, the smaller the volume of this material and the more pure it will be the boy explained belly blaster weight loss pills so that s how it.

Li mediocre weight loss pills looked up at the sky and whispered to himself for this lost second nascent infant, he has always been concerned about it after returning to tiannan, he should have set off immediately.

Great joy on her face at this moment, mu peiling and liu yu woke up how much steps for weight loss one after another when they saw han li next to them, the two girls were also taken aback but mu peiling immediately.

Hands, and under the urging of his spiritual sense, the twelve snow white centipedes scattered in all directions at the same time, turning into twelve gusts of cold wind, and disappeared.

Wei wuya and hehuan laomo, the two great cultivators who have been powerful in tiannan for hundreds of years, are not han li s opponents at all under the joint efforts, and they have lost.

Hurriedly replied respectfully even if han li wasn t the great elder of did colt have weight loss surgery the luoyun sect, his status as the number one cultivator in tiannan alone was enough for her to intentionally.

The depths of his pupils he used the ming and qing spiritual eyes weight loss michelle carter now scanning the surroundings again, han how to help loose skin during weight loss li lifted the blood colored jade plate in his weight loss michelle carter now hand, and the jade plate shook in a.

Immediately shot the black and white demonic pill into his palm well, to make up for the loss of your wind and thunder wings, I can teach you the methods of refining the fire spirit silk.

Brother did meet in a hurry in the valley of fallen demons the leader of the big man was startled when he heard han li s question, but immediately replied honestly oh, can the three.

Thing appeared in han li s line of sight this thing lay in a pile of grass seeds, like are fruit smoothies good for weight loss an inconspicuous black dead branch, no wonder the divine consciousness hua qian didn t find this.

Smiled at the three big men, and then lightly ordered the old man and the confucian scholar respectfully send off master han the confucian scholar and the weight loss michelle carter now old man .

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pill for menopause and weight loss Best Keto Gummies Keto Gummies Ketology weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS. immediately bowed their.

In a blink of an eye han li quietly stayed where he was, without moving a bit after an unknown amount of time, han li s expression changed, and he turned into a blue rainbow and shot away.

Hurriedly this demon eye really has this ability han li was really moved hey, once you succeed in cultivating famu, you will naturally know the truth is there any need for me to deceive.

Was really surprised it s not, but it s similar this is the third demon eye of a ferocious beast that is the deadly enemy of the .

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weight loss michelle carter now Quick Keto Gummies, Vibez Keto Gummies pill for menopause and weight loss Keto One Gummies. real dragon it is also the famous shattering eye in the.

Again, their complexions turned pale, and they all showed signs of fear, and wei wuya and hehuan laomo s eyes were much dimmed, and their complexions were extremely ugly some monks who.

Went to the great jin, he always thought that even night time smoothie for weight loss if he was lucky enough to advance to the later stage, it would take at least two or three hundred years I don t know weight loss michelle carter now Keto Gummy Bears how many times he.

While, the fireball disappeared into the void with a bang , but the expression of the blue robed monk became more and more dignified first update he looked at the token on the ground.

There are five or six monks in different costumes, discussing something they are all monks in the alchemy stage, and one of them is even a monk in the late stage of alchemy, and they seem.

Laomo are no match give up the false name and sell the other party s favor anyway, the ups and downs of a sect are normal things I believe that han xiaozi will never press you two you can.

Abyss and rushed over immediately, weight loss michelle carter now it would take two months and his magic energy tank has reached the final stage, and it only takes more than a month to complete it therefore, although.

The wind attribute kung fu method you can barely do it with your current cultivation level the other is that .

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(Acv Keto Gummies) weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS pill for menopause and weight loss Keto Luxe Gummies. you can find a top quality wind attribute spirit stone, and you can ketogenic diet for weight loss do it the.

Unicorns have to retreat a little bit but such things are rare but if I remember correctly, you seem to be planning to sneak into the spirit world through space nodes why han li raised.

Flame fan as soon as he clasped the feather fan, his figure flickered, and he stood strangely outside the exit, sweeping around calmly it was dark everywhere, but under his bright and.

Years, and it is not melted by chance, this material can be formed the boy said with a smile fire lingsi han li looked at the jelly thing in the boy s hand, with a strange expression on.

Taoist asked slowly, his expression becoming serious first update you think so after suffering a small loss wei wuya suddenly narrowed his eyes slightly why, can it be that you and he.

Down other things first and do our best to complete the orders of the great elder the rest of the monks were shocked when they heard this since it is the order of the great elder, then.

Not take the .

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Best Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now ECOWAS pill for menopause and weight loss Keto Life Gummies. initiative to ask anything the corner of han li s mouth curled up, but he revealed a smile that was not a smile those who don t know are not to be blamed back then, I had.

Words, but there was a look of suspicion on his face he is very clear that although the human cultivator in front of him is not worth mentioning in his eyes, he is not such a master who.

Sigh, and turned into a summer weight loss white rainbow and went away but looking at the direction, it is exactly where the country of xi is located this late nascent soul cultivator from the taizhen sect.

Good condition our seven islands sent people to inspect it in turn, and we didn t hear anything unusual what does master master mean by this the woman was stunned, and subconsciously.

Current state cannot be broken through thinking about it in this weight loss michelle carter now way, it seems that only the method of infusing the body with magic energy recorded in the xuanyin scripture is the best.

Luoyun sect s son and mother peak, han li was sitting cross legged in a secret room with his eyes closed a giant formation was drawn on the ground, and a pair of snow white wings were.

Above, squinting his eyes slightly as he looked at the seal in front of him without saying a word senior han, you see that the seal has been intact all this time could it be that senior s.

A temporary magic circle to temporarily control the entrance you chilianzong will cooperate for a while this is no problem, han li said with a chilly voice no problem, senior, you really.

Humming was extremely ear piercing, can i use hsa for weight loss program with is cycling a good exercise for weight loss a weird look of wanting to go down but not daring han li touched his chin, looked at the lava below, and suddenly showed a sneer on his face hehe.

Laughed and said indifferently hearing what han li said, the boy naturally wouldn t try to dissuade him I saw han li making a tactic with both hands, and a tactic hit the fire cauldron.

Them and asked who are you, fellow daoist what s going on a look of vigilance appeared on the big man s face fellow daoist zhao, please don t be rude this is the great elder of the.

Leaders were two alchemy cultivators, a man in yellow shirt with small eyes and thick brows, and a woman in her thirties it s really you I didn t expect you to succeed in forming alchemy.

His body collapsed and disappeared the two things in his hand fell directly to the side of the tripod however, han li grasped the void with one hand, and immediately captured the.

Blue light only swayed a few times, and then disappeared strangely the expressions of the few people changed drastically, and when they all released their spiritual thoughts to be.

Big man was stunned for a long time before asking solemnly Oprah Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now the matter has come to this, and there is nothing to hide there is indeed something wrong with junior sister bai and the others.

If han boy s supernatural powers are comparable to the transformation of gods, I don t have the heart to care about it but weight loss michelle carter now fellow daoists and old demon hehuan will spend some more years.

Into a blood colored mist, enveloping the jade plate Oprah Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now but in the sound consumer review weight loss pills of han li s formulas, the jade plate also glowed with blood, and there were also streams of blood mist formed by the.

Boy s face forget it, this wind and thunder wings can stimulate the power of wind and thunder at the same time, which is enough for me if it really has such great power as you said, it is.

Some supernatural powers in restraining its aura perhaps this beast s Oprah Keto Gummies weight loss michelle carter now inner pill can be used to refine weapons han li said thoughtfully, and then he grabbed the ground with one hand and.

Than a hundred miles and continued to send out gold eating worms to start a new search in this way, when han li arrived at the mountain where the three girls took the elixir, he naturally.

In the opposite direction as a result, it flew only for a moment, and saw a snow white centipede hovering over a certain place, and at the same time let out a low pitched hissing sound.

Resist the demonization of divine consciousness was far stronger than other monks with this method, the risks taken are naturally much smaller when the second nascent soul left him, he.

Luoyun sect, several foundation building stewards were gathering together and counting various materials in a pile of storage bags suddenly, a flash of red light flew into 2 pills for weight loss the attic.

Came out to refute weight loss michelle carter now Keto Gummy Bears the statement only when everyone realized that this matter might be true, the whole tiannan fell silent for a while when someone mentioned han li again, or talked about.

Group to an extremely desolate and huge basin a wave of scorching heat immediately rushed towards him han li s expression moved slightly, only then did he realize that everything in the.

Gone through a lot, he reached the .

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weight loss michelle carter now
  • 1.Can Weight Loss Reduce High Cholesterol
  • 2.A New You Medical Weight Loss Chattanooga Tn
  • 3.Can You Get Short Term Disability For Weight Loss Surgery
  • 4.How Much Dhea Should I Take For Weight Loss
  • 5.What Is The Best Treadmill For Weight Loss
  • 6.How To Jump Start Keto Weight Loss

weight loss michelle carter now Quick Keto Gummies, Vibez Keto Gummies pill for menopause and weight loss Keto One Gummies. sky above the huge ice crevasse that entered the inner valley after only half a day as the blue light circled, han li sank into the ice crevice.

Expect my nephew to be quite vigilant however, I managed to find this place as for the truth, do you think I m a fake han li said calmly you are really uncle han the woman surnamed song.

A set of colorful array flags appeared in his hand you lead the thirty six disciples to the entrance of the demon abyss immediately, and immediately set up the xuangang tiansha formation.

Of shining light and collapsed seeing this situation, han li became happy weight loss michelle carter now instead of surprised with just a few light steps, the person arrived at the edge of another cave as expected.

Slightly, he told the three girls to leave as soon as possible this time, the three female cultivators naturally had no other objections after saluting han li, they immediately flew out.

Teleportation array established by how to take the apple cider vinegar weight loss the ghost spirit gate is naturally useless of course, the entrance to the valley of fallen demons is still the place most monks must pass through to.

Transparent object and the jet black eyes in his hand at pills that speed up metabolism for weight loss .

How To Calculate Average Weight Loss Per Week ?

(Keto Gummies Ketology) pill for menopause and weight loss, weight loss michelle carter now Keto Gummies Keto Gummies Review. the same time and almost at the same time, the voice of weight loss michelle carter now Keto Gummy Bears the tianlan holy beast suddenly came from his ears, which was the formula.

The boy s words, but he didn t believe it when he killed the three eyed monster, although he felt that the monster s eyes had some supernatural powers, it was far from what the tianlan.

Covered with a thick layer of dust, as if no one has used it for many years it s no wonder that in the past, the outskirts of fallen devil valley were densely packed with restrictions and.

Demon king of jiuling is 1500 calories enough for weight loss mountain in the spiritual world seems to have inherited a bit of the blood of the fire unicorn, but the true fire supernatural powers inherited, even the real fire.

Mutated monster but from what you ve said, this beast doesn t have much supernatural powers, and the demon core probably won t be very useful he said decisively but that demonic beast has.

Pointed at yu pan solemnly immediately, the white jade plate burst into blood, as if a blood colored full moon changed, and all the blood mist was sucked into it in just a few flashes.

Like demonic energy rushed out, as if it wanted to spread when the red robed monk saw this scene, his face changed slightly, while the foundation building monks couldn t help but.

Replied han li frowned when he heard this the seven islands take turns guarding them, so even if the monks on other islands have problems guarding them, you may not necessarily know about.

Small blue cauldron after the tripod turned around, it landed weight loss michelle carter now steadily on the ground in front of him why, what happened again I have already told you the refining method more than once a.

Eyes and looked at huo ding he didn t say anything, but nodded han li smiled slightly, and dumped the storage bag in his hand on the ground immediately after a white light passed, more.

Any attention to these mere alchemy cultivators, and went straight into the fallen demon valley according to the place marked by the big man of jin haizong in the valley, han li went.

Abyss therefore, it missed a crucial piece of news, and it still doesn t know that han li has advanced to nascent soul it s no wonder that it ignored this matter after all, when han li.

Enemy directly, and can see through most .

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(Keto Gummy Bears) weight loss michelle carter now Keto One Gummies, pill for menopause and weight loss. of the illusion and escapism, even the teleportation technique, can t escape the target lock therefore, some monks who practice similar how to get rid of flabby thighs after weight loss celestial.

I want to go down to the demon abyss if nothing comes out of it, I will stop it I don t expect you to kill the enemy, as long as you delay the time a little bit han li calmly ordered upon.

Naturally because liu yu also had larvae of seraphs on her body although this woman s spirit worm is far lower than his own spirit worm, it is still possible to find the three women by.

T get close at all but the black energy was like a living thing, and in a blink of an eye, it condensed into more than a dozen black snakes of different sizes, flocking around han li s.

The three female disciples of our sect have met in the valley I don t know if this is true can you drink green tea cold for weight loss after waving his hands, han li asked calmly senior, do you mean fairy bai and the others my.

Have anything to say, just say it this old man in green shirt is wei wuya, one of the three great monks brother wei is asking the question knowingly, or pretending to be crazy the purpose.

For a while, but he guessed the truth of the matter in a blink of an eye he touched his chin and let out a long breath but at this moment, the remaining centipedes flew back from other.

Once it opens, it can directly tear the space and kill the enemy and the invisible after cultivating with the secret technique, one can also manipulate some strange spells, attacking the.

Another two days, and then arrived at qiling island speaking of which, wei wuya and the others specially gave him the spirit turtle island because of the the magic weight loss pill book luke coutinho suppression of the demon energy.

Appeared on the cauldron again, looking at han li with strange eyes of course I know this, but I have something in my hand even if I don t have much fire spiritual power, it can still.

Red eyes of the black shadow suddenly second update han li felt cold because the bright red eyes are full of tyranny, it feels that they are not the eyes that normal people should have at.

Indeed the lost second nascent soul of your old man, master, and also took away a body it probably has the cultivation base weight loss michelle carter now of the middle nascent soul as the woman spoke, she showed the.

Package, and there seemed to be an expression of extreme surprise in his eyes he suddenly touched his sleeve with one hand, and a misty blue bead immediately appeared in his hand however.

Then at the suspicious eyes of the other deacons, and said with a wry smile it s the sound transmission talisman of the great elder, who ordered me to wait for three days to collect the.

After so many years han li looked at the yellow shirted monk and smiled softly first update I didn t know the true identity of my uncle in the past, so I was offended I hope uncle han won.

Matters related to him, even if they were in a secret room or a wilderness with few people, they would naturally keep their voices down a bit, not daring to have any disrespectful or.

This second nascent soul can produce divine consciousness, it would have been produced long ago on the contrary, it is not bad for a few years therefore, he simply put this matter aside.

Of this thing are somewhat against me the benefits of cultivating it are limited, but it may damage my spiritual sense this eyeball has such a big origin han li was startled when he heard.

Nascent best weight loss pills review soul stage wei wuya said after a flash of fear flashed in his eyes master zhiyang was stunned when he heard this of course, if zhi gelesis weight loss pill yang doesn t believe wei s words, he can go to.

That pierced through the sky and disappeared in the sky in weight loss michelle carter now a blink of an eye brother hou, is this really senior han li, the advanced monk of the noble sect until seeing qinghong.

Eye han li actually used his supernatural powers, and began to search for the traces of the three women right here according to his thinking, the three women surnamed song only had.

Mouths of the three women and one woman, and then stood aside with his hands behind his back, silent as a result, after only a cup of tea, the woman surnamed song woke up first from a.

Abyss of qiling island, on the platform where han li had drilled several times the magic essence that day, a tall dark figure suddenly opened his eyes shining brightly in the magic energy.

And refining the destruction method, but whether you are willing to really refine these two things, or whether you can succeed is no longer in the old man s consideration what do you.

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