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Startled, and looked at the place where the sound came from, only to see a black, thin, short, ugly boy with a pair of bat wings on his back best cat weight loss food Quick Keto Gummies at a height of not more than thirty feet away.

Han li smiled slightly, and flipped it over with one hand, another green vial emerged, and said to the patriarch of the chonglong family who weighed it down how to weight loss fast slightly fellow daoist is.

Years ago, and I gave it to the natal spirit python to break through to the current level but I haven t seen you in these years, and my body has become more and more pure the cold light.

Ring, and they are densely connected by various fortresses on the other side of the fortress, there are bright or dark magic circles all over the mountain range, and the whole mountain.

So fast, I am afraid that there is no one before or after, but there are absolutely few people in the entire human race who can compare with how does magnesium help with weight loss it the ancestor of the long family said with a.

Original experience in insect breeding, and some unique talents in his hands, he has also summed up a set of methods for cultivating insect kings most of this method is the same as the.

Mana of the woman in front of him made him, a mahayana existence, very afraid, so he didn t immediately turn against her tell me, why did you tell me that I only took half of the black.

The three ice sculptures in twos like lightning, how does magnesium help with weight loss and immediately there was a loud rumbling sound the three ice sculptures turned into piles of ice slag and collapsed with a flash of.

Will definitely not be able to resist the joint efforts of our two clans the green armored demon clan suggested lightly this king has exactly the intention children, come out to me.

Gold eating insects devour each other, only the last thirteen purple patterned gold eating insects in the cauldron remained these new gold eating bugs are candidates for the king of bugs.

Decrease at all, but their speed increased a little bit like a fish in water with the flickering of the blue hair, the entire sky above the giant cauldron was completely transformed into.

But before he could cast the spell again to regain control of the flying sword, the ugly boy above suddenly flapped his bat wings from behind the sound of wind and thunder after the boy s.

A giant green tree more than 10,000 feet high, confronting a majestic old man in a green shirt and more than a hundred feet below the woman, an ugly man in black armor was surrounded by.

Two han also changed their skills, and each received their exercises under the flash of aura on their bodies in the sky above the giant tripod, those alicia mccarvell weight loss purple beetles that were originally.

While later, in a natural cave a few meters below the giant peak, the young man in white robe stared at a lumpy purple red stone wall in the cave, his face was full of excitement haha, i.

The giant centipede with a flash of white light, the six winged centipede disappeared does eliminating alcohol help weight loss out of thin air, and the young man in white robe reappeared in the same place he glanced down coldly.

Cultivation base, he naturally wouldn t be afraid of the tiankui wolf king any more, but he asked very frankly regarding the news about yinyue, he paid more attention to inquiring about.

For me to break through the bottleneck but fellow taoists don t only have this drop in the bottle, right otherwise, it is still useless to me the face of the ancestor of the long family.

Is something that can be continuously refined if you miss this bottle of spiritual milk in your hands, I can guarantee that you will never see a second bottle in your lifetime as for the.

Silk cauldron after a muffled sound like the ringing of a bell, countless runes emerged from the surface of the giant cauldron, and at the same time, an invisible giant force rushed out.

Spiritual milk and materials obtained by fellow daoists are definitely not available outside with spiritual stones well, no matter what, this transaction has finally been successful, and.

Himself, han li frowned slightly and fell into deep thought for ECOWAS how does magnesium help with weight loss a while ever since he left the land of the styx, he has been where to start weight loss journey cultivating while searching for various scarce materials.

His face was significantly paler than before, and after standing still, he looked back .

How Does Golo Help With Weight Loss

(Keto Gummies) best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Gummy Healthy Keto Gummies. at the crack, showing a hint of fear at this time, the woman in the white skirt, who was only on the.

Strike can a cpap help with weight loss on them, completely looking extremely comfortable they were weight loss pills garcinia cambogia free trial unscathed by the electric light I don t know how long it took, when the golden thunder light finally subsided and.

With one handed tactic, with a puff , a layer of golden spiritual flame emerged from the body, and turned into an unusually gorgeous golden robe, covering the whole body then the young.

But .

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Keto Bites Gummies best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Clean Gummies Acv Keto Gummies. there was no expression on his face, which seemed very strange the next moment, he suddenly rubbed his hands together, and with a flash of golden light, he threw himself into the air.

Bats heard this sound, they also had a commotion, and then, as if they had received some order, they liquid weight loss turned into more than a dozen blood clouds and flew in all .

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how does magnesium help with weight loss Biolife Keto Gummies, Keto Flow Gummies best cat weight loss food Quick Keto Gummies. directions the number of.

Hurriedly turned around and glanced in the same direction I saw that in the demonic energy rolling down from the broken black giant hole, apart from the huge banners wrapped in blood.

Some looked very excited in a short while, several giant boats radiated aura, and they turned into huge light clusters and disappeared at the .

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best cat weight loss food Healthy Keto Gummies Keto Gummies Reviews how does magnesium help with weight loss ECOWAS. end of the sky in a blink of an eye almost at.

Spirit world after saying this, the bull headed .

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how does magnesium help with weight loss
  • 1.Can Food Allergy In Dogs Cause Weight Loss
  • 2.Does Weight Loss Remove Stretch Marks

Keto Gummies Reviews how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Life Gummies, best cat weight loss food. demon rushed to the sky in the distance with one hand and clicked casually there is such a thing the batwing boy was startled, and.

Surrounding a woman in palace attire this woman is about twenty years old, and she is beautiful, but looking at the chaotic scene in front of her, her eyebrows are slightly frowned master.

A blue light curtain in the center of the blue light curtain, a dozen or so purple beetles were taking synthroid at night weight loss hit by hundreds of blue threads at the same time like immobile targets there was a sound.

Of these giant pythons is obviously much smaller how does magnesium help with weight loss than that of thunder bulls and blood bats, only about five or six thousand, but together, the terrifying aura they emit is far better than.

But it s also possible that this person s spiritual power is stronger than mine this person s cultivation speed is so fast, and he has one or two heaven defying talents, which is also.

So he could only use various methods to continuously temper and stimulate the dozen or so spirit insects in this way, although they can t make them devour each other right away, they can.

Would not be able to achieve my current level of cultivation, and even is tea with milk good for weight loss whether there is a second bottle in fengyuan continent is a matter of debate however, the noble dragon spirit pill.

The old man trembled in his heart, and hurriedly turned around to look in the same direction several other black armored guards looked at the distant sky, and their faces turned pale i.

As I give another ten years, I can try to break through the bottleneck in the late stage of fusion if that s the case, I will naturally need to practice for a while han li nodded okay.

Obvious one is that the speed of transforming the vitality of the world under his cultivation has increased by at least 30 compared to before don t underestimate it, this 30 conversion.

Again to practice but at this moment, suddenly a white aura flashed at the door of the secret room, followed by a layer of translucent waves rippling away when han li saw this situation.

Answer directly, but asked a few words with a flash of his eyes that s true, are fellow daoists interested in these two things it s a pity, these two things, Biopure Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss my ancestor would never trade.

Hit the void, bursting open like a stormy sea, and the distorted sky suddenly made an earth shattering loud noise immediately at the next moment, a few long white marks appeared on the.

Han li kept nearly ten thousand unmutated primitive gold eating worms as spares, and put how does magnesium help with weight loss all the other mutated gold eating worms together, using a special method to stimulate them to.

Originally mixed with the blood .

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(Keto One Gummies) how does magnesium help with weight loss Biolife Keto Gummies, best cat weight loss food. bats, when they heard the sound, all of them had blood red eyes and white air from their mouths, and then let out a low how does magnesium help with weight loss how does magnesium help with weight loss growl at the same time, rushing out.

They all spray red mist from their mouths, and they look extremely poisonous the three ancient beasts all stared at the relatively insignificant young man opposite, as if they were very.

As soon as possible, and then try to hit the bottleneck in the later stage the other one, of course, is to use the mayfly insect breeding secret technique that is almost at hand Keto Blast Gummies best cat weight loss food to try to.

First han li smiled when he heard this, and with a flick of his sleeve, a jade bottle the size of a thumb flew out and shot straight at the ancestor of the long family the ancestor of the.

Mountains, hills, or lakes and dense forests, they all disappeared in an instant the momentum is astonishing after more than half an hour, these giants finally fell one by one then there.

Clustered around them shot towards the ground below one after another, and then disappeared into the soil strangely under the flash of spiritual light but this high level demon himself.

The long family just glanced at the jade slips with his spiritual thoughts, and his face was suddenly startled, showing a hint of surprise brother long, are you satisfied with these.

Light with the thickness of the mouth of a bowl sprayed out this beam of light was dim, and after a slight flicker, it turned into a giant sword that was more than a hundred feet long.

Didn t say anything more in an instant, the huge boats arrived at the empty space on the city wall after a few flashes, and han li floated down how does magnesium help with weight loss do adhd meds cause weight loss leisurely as soon as he moved I haven t.

Almost subconsciously why, brother long changed his mind han li paused, turned around slowly, and why is grapefruit good for weight loss said with a half smile hmph, as you and i, why do you want to do this kind of trick your.

The devilish energy first, there was a low pitched drum sound faintly coming from inside, and then there was a loud roar, and the entire magic sea rolled over, and silver arcs appeared.

Among them, and screamed one after another the bloody light on their bodies was erratic, and from a distance, it seemed that there were countless balls of blood flames coming out of the.

Killing in patience some other people who have not yet transformed, when they saw the appearance of these companions, most of them glanced over with disdainful eyes in addition, although.

Just depends on whether the traded thing can make the other party tempted han li laughed, looking confident oh, judging by the tone of fellow daoist, I think I have something that can.

Definitely inform daoist han in advance after all, the current practice of fellow daoist is definitely a .

Why Does Stomach Cancer Cause Weight Loss ?

Keto Bites Gummies best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Clean Gummies Acv Keto Gummies. big help for this trip the patriarch of the long family said with a smile on his.

Make proper arrangements the old man shook his head humbly a few times, and then said sideways then master lao will lead the way han li was not polite, and nodded in agreement without any.

Fellow daoist han was in the mid stage of advanced fusion long thought it was just a rumor now that he saw a real person, he realized that it was true fellow daoist s cultivation speed weight loss pills similar to alli is.

This situation, the other three eyed pythons in the vicinity rushed out of their demonic energy and raised their heads, as if they were paying homage to the king only the cyan armored.

Insects were full of reluctance, they were still obediently pulled into the giant cauldron under the influence of baixia seeing this scene, the han li who released the flying sword just.

Golden hatchets, looking at the young man with mocking eyes but at this moment, when he saw the young man glaring at him viciously, he smiled ferociously, and replied calmly our leiniu.

Lights wailed, and the silver light on their bodies shrank, and they all returned to the appearance of small swords then, amidst the rolling sound waves, they fell from the sky.

The black robed man replied in a daze so that s the case brother yan s words are true I am indeed from the silver wolf clan I don t know who my friend s old acquaintance how does magnesium help with weight loss is, maybe i.

Stronghold they can defend and attack each other, and they are each other s horns I ask myself that no matter the number of high level monks or the ability to defend, it will never be.

Magic spot out of thin air then, under the constant rush of sound waves, there was another burst of crisp sound like broken glass these few white marks turned into countless white threads.

Impossible the dragon clan and how does magnesium help with weight loss the real demon clan are life and death enemies once they meet, only one side can survive even though the great elder of the mu clan was well informed, he.

Naturally recognized the ugly boy s identity immediately, and both turned pale with shock the two had been paying attention to the astonishing changes in the magic spot just now, but when.

In the depths of chaotianyuan city an hour later, han li and zen master jin Keto Blast Gummies best cat weight loss food yue appeared in a hall in a giant tower no matter the tables, chairs or walls in this hall, they are crystal.

Breath, and an invisible force immediately enveloped the void below the remains of the giant beast wrapped in ice slag and the three groups of spirits were all rolled up and swallowed by.

Still rushing to the surroundings in the high sky, after the two kinds of monsters left, it became silent for a .

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how does magnesium help with weight loss
Keto Gummies ReviewKeto Bites Gummies best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Clean Gummies Acv Keto Gummies.
Oprah Keto Gummiesbest cat weight loss food Bioscience Keto Gummies (Keto Gummies Review) how does magnesium help with weight loss ECOWAS.

Healthy Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss ECOWAS best cat weight loss food Biopure Keto Gummies. while but after only is banana pancakes good for weight loss one cup of tea, the demonic energy rolled violently.

Cannon fodder as for xuanwu city, I can t guarantee anything the woman in palace costume said confidently so that s the case, it s the nephews and grandchildren who took the liberty.

The old man in blue said with a sigh since the is sugar bad for weight loss great elder said so, he must be right as for that big man, I could vaguely see a vague shadow of a flood dragon on his body, and there is an.

And there were more than a dozen apple cider vinegar and pills for weight loss unusually sharp and long blades poking out of them on each side through the black light, one can ECOWAS how does magnesium help with weight loss vaguely see five or six demons in black Biopure Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss and green armor.

Increase by leaps and bounds now he is pretty close to the dacheng state in the middle and late stage of the fusion, as long as he is given more than how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Acv Gummies ten years, he can start trying to.

Murmured a few words in an inaudible voice, and his body surface suddenly burst into light seeing this situation, the other two han li immediately moved their expressionless figures and.

Said solemnly, with a flap of bat wings behind him, he instantly appeared in front of the giant man, and stretched out a how does magnesium help with weight loss bloody palm to slap away the giant man smiled sullenly, and.

Disappeared, han li, who had a golden halo spinning around his head, also opened his eyes at the same time, the seventy two small blue swords in the halo above his head trembled, turned.

Natal ECOWAS how does magnesium help with weight loss python has advanced again now I am afraid it is enough to resist the existence of an early stage holy rank after all the pythons rushed out of the demonic energy, suddenly a loud.

We will really only stay in the state of unity in this life, Vibez Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss and we will not be able to advance an inch brother long s words are reasonable, but before that, we still need to be able to.

Be in danger of falling Keto Blast Gummies best cat weight loss food therefore, knowing that the supreme elder of the mayfly clan handed this technique to him so easily, he must have some problems, so he still planned to try it.

Without any hesitation, and a stack of cyan talismans gleaming with inspiration appeared in his hand with one hand, he gestured towards the appendix a few times, and with a flick of his.

And it just swung slightly to cut into the void after a loud bang, white light flickered at the slashing part of the giant sword, and after an pill for loss weight natural astonishing wave dispersed, a space gap.

With two fists without hesitation there were two boom and boom , two fists that were only flashing a faint blood light, unexpectedly scattered the dense ring shadow with one blow the.

Naturally became tense day by day the few demonic spots near tianyuan city are not only thousands of miles wide at this moment, but also become pitch black and shiny, and even nearer.

Frightening low roar faintly, and more monsters are faintly swarming into the spirit world no, the demons have confirmed that they have invaded the spirit world our mission has been.

Naked eye with a flick of his wrist, the ancestor of the long family .

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(Keto Gummies) best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Gummy Healthy Keto Gummies. threw the two things in his hand directly han li s eyes lit up, and without hesitation, he threw the jade bottle and.

Unexpectedly expanded by more than one third out of thin air in the air then hundreds of behemoths finally descended slowly from the depths of the devilish energy these things are dark.

Hair on her forehead with one hand, smiled slightly, and waved to the big man in .

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(Keto Gummies) best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Gummy Healthy Keto Gummies. black armor below, then turned and flew away without can we eat apple at night for weight loss saying a word but the big man in black how does magnesium help with weight loss armor raised.

City han li said slowly after his eyes flickered moving to tianyuan city, is brother han planning to join the presbyterian church bingfeng was surprised no, only a few of you will live in.

In the mu clan must not take action best keto breakfasts for weight loss against these two people, and let them leave our mu clan s domain by themselves the elder of the mu clan s face was gloomy, but finally he gritted his.

Voice was unconsciously suppressed to the extreme teleport immediately, return immediately although the little old man was equally astonished in his heart, he gave an order without.

And at the same time they let out a loud chi chi seeing this situation, the young man in white robe had .

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how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto One Gummies, (Keto One Gummies) best cat weight loss food Kickin Keto Gummies. a sneer at the corner of his mouth, he made a tactic with one hand, and his body.

Junior the man was startled, and hurriedly bowed down hmph, then pass on the news obediently the old man said with a cold snort this time, the .

Is Porridge A Good Breakfast For Weight Loss

(Keto Gummies) best cat weight loss food, how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Gummy Healthy Keto Gummies. middle aged man flipped over with how to plan my diet for weight loss one hand.

Xuanwu imperial city also has a giant beast that resembles a true spirit an old man in the void refinement stage asked hesitantly why, you doubt my judgment the woman in palace costume.

As we successfully complete the mission, the rewards for this trip will be extremely considerable I think it s nothing to take such a risk the old man shook his head and said that s right.

In violent fluctuations, as if small cities descended from the sky however, the arrival of these behemoths is not an easy task the moment postpartum weight loss pills each tower appeared from the black air, it was.

The storage ring in his hand, and with one hand, he grabbed the other two lightly into his hand after opening the bottle cap, han li showed a satisfied expression carb diets for weight loss after his spiritual.

His hands behind his back it was an ancient beast, a two headed giant with a height roxy weight loss pills side effects of one hundred feet, with texas weight loss clinic a ferocious appearance, messy yellow hair, Biopure Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss and a big black stick in one hand.

Five giants, far best cat weight loss food Quick Keto Gummies exceeding the size of ordinary blood bats, appeared like a gust of wind when these huge wings are spread out, they are more than ten does birth control cause weight loss or gain feet long, and the huge size is.

Their wits, and wanted to flee the boat without caring about the others fleeing together but the ugly boy just waved a bat wing behind his back without looking back, and a black light.

Hurricane and the raging flames were unexpectedly extinguished at the touch of a touch the three giant beasts didn t even have time to make a second reaction in an instant, and they.

Really sold outside, the price will not double, and the old man will not even consider it mr han naturally knows that this transaction has taken advantage of fellow daoists, but the.

Other mu clans are just seeking their own death if they attack me but do you really want to do it here the woman in the white dress glanced at the giant tree below, and suddenly said with.

And flew away from the huge city with the light, and flew away in a certain direction without stopping about two months later, han li suddenly appeared in a mountain range full of awe.

Han li was overjoyed, but said calmly on the surface sister linglong and my concubine grew up together in the past, how could I not recognize it but although I know a little about.

Three of you immediately send an order to all the disciples you have received, clean up the cave, and leave here immediately after three days since guo er doesn t want to go do the keto pills work for weight loss to tianyuan.

Very happy, and they agreed immediately when they replied therefore, Vibez Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss for a while, he chatted happily with these elders, and after exchanging how does magnesium help with weight loss some countermeasures against the evil.

Of miles away from tianyuan city, two golden flying boats several feet long were skillfully hidden in a dense forest more than ten miles away on these two warships, there are two golden.

If the fairy knows a fellow taoist named linglong from the nobleman is she okay now han li s expression changed, but he really opened his mouth and asked about yinyue with his current.

Eyes okay, under this condition, mr han can consider it how about this, in addition to the minghe spiritual milk, how about using a batch of materials worth hundreds of millions of spirit.

Straight towards the people on the city wall immediately, the group of monks behind the monk couldn t how to walk effectively for weight loss weight loss suppliment prescription weight loss pills help commotion, and they looked slightly confused although the old monk didn t turn.

Of golden light and disappeared in a flash then, with a flash of light, he landed on a nearby hill, sat cross legged on a rock, and closed his eyes indifferently after an unknown amount.

Once in a long time because it is too rare as long as han li feels that this elixir is indeed effective and has a mysterious vial in his hand, he will naturally take this elixir as a.

Long family squinted his eyes, and with a light stroke of his big hand, he sucked the vial in this is with a sweep of divine thoughts into the vial, the face of the ancestor of the long.

Dull face han li nodded when he heard this, but then his eyes flashed, and he looked at a nearby empty space with a strange smile, and immediately bowed his hand, together with the blue.

Human race han himalayan pink salt for weight loss li stood on the top of a certain mountain, looking at the huge magic spot stretching for more than ten miles in the sky, his face was a little cloudy a few feet away behind.

Frantically urged those blue sword threads for a moment, apart from the sound of chi chi breaking through the air and the sound of roaring cracks, there was no other sound heard in the.

By one, appeared ECOWAS how does magnesium help with weight loss in midair these people are male weight loss pills 7 news and female, with different clothes, some are wearing robes, some are wearing battle armor, and some even go straight to the upper body but.

Said solemnly well, let s go, the old man is indeed refining a furnace of important medicine the patriarch of the long family nodded, then swung his sleeves, and suddenly a golden glow.

Transaction as I just said we each take what we need brother long s move is definitely a wise move han li was overjoyed, .

How Much Resistance Training For Weight Loss

Keto Gummies Reviews how does magnesium help with weight loss Keto Life Gummies, best cat weight loss food. and no longer concealed a smile on his face then he patted his.

Strange light in his eyes brother long praised you absurdly, but you don t just can you join the military after weight loss surgery want to talk about my cultivation speed when we come out to meet you this time hearing the compliment from.

Suddenly became like a snail crawling and those small blue swords turned into black threads, under the action of the invisible force of the giant cauldron, not only did their speed not.

Dragon spirit although dan is also something that the long family does not sell, it still shows up occasionally, it just takes how does magnesium help with weight loss some time, and it is not impossible to get it in exchange.

Collapsed inside seeing this situation, the two middle aged men how to do weight loss percentage and women of the mu clan looked at each other, and their Keto Blast Gummies best cat weight loss food expressions couldn t help but change as for the ugly man, he.

Void with a loud bang and a flash of black light, a huge battleship appeared all at once while surging non stop at is mushroom healthy for weight loss the beginning, the battleship was only tens of feet in size, but it.

Staggeringly seeing this, the man in golden armor turned pale and bloodless he unexpectedly lost are yogurt bowls good for weight loss the connection of these ten magic weapons that had been cultivated for thousands of years.

The first two kinds of monsters one of them was the largest, with a body length of more than three hundred feet, and stood a high level demon with a black mask and a ferocious green armor.

He couldn t help being startled, and after turning his mind a few times, he suddenly brushed his sleeve robe at the door after the sound once daily weight loss pill of , the spiritual light on the door split open in.

Han li replied without any surprise this thing is called stygian spiritual milk how come long has never .

What Are Weight Loss Subliminals ?

best cat weight loss food Bioscience Keto Gummies (Keto Gummies Review) how does magnesium help with weight loss ECOWAS. heard of it but the effect of the spiritual milk is good, and it is indeed useful.

And his face Keto Blast Gummies best cat weight loss food was finally relieved but at this moment, a high pitched voice suddenly came from above the dense forest where they were hiding it seems that luck is good as soon as fang.

Magic spot in abyss sky city when han li heard the news, apart from sighing lightly, he could only put the matter behind him on this day, near a black and oppressive demon spot thousands.

Was an earth shattering roar, and in the tumbling magic energy in the magic spot, countless mephits with a body length of more than ten feet suddenly appeared each one s fur was as bright.

Hesitation, and then immediately began to make a formula .

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Healthy Keto Gummies how does magnesium help with weight loss ECOWAS best cat weight loss food Biopure Keto Gummies. with both hands, striking a dao method into a small magic circle under his feet the few black armored guards behind him also came.

A sweet smile this girl was originally so beautiful and beautiful, this smile seemed to bloom, even the great elder of the mu clan couldn t help but feel a jump in his heart, he finally.

Clothes suddenly asked jiao er may have disappointed the great elder although I used how does magnesium help with weight loss my wisdom eyes to the extreme just now, I didn t see much the woman of the mahayana period looked over.

Head just turned around, and all the flying swords were strangely invisible following that, the halo itself also slammed, and then collapsed and disappeared at the same time, the other.

Produces more than a hundred flowers every ten thousand years fellow daoist took nearly half of the remaining quantity at one time, so you really plan to give me an explanation the old.

Use to this old man the ancestor how to do juicing for weight loss of the long family was taken aback, but when he rolled his eyes, he immediately replied calmly and said fellow daoist, let s take a look at this thing.

Chuckle fellow elixir daoists in Keto Blast Gummies best cat weight loss food the later how does magnesium help with weight loss stage of breakthrough really have this thing, but it depends on what kind of elixir it is if it has only a little effect, it won t be of much.

Inferior to the three imperial cities even if the catastrophe this time is more terrible than the rumors, it should be safe and sound the ancestor of the long family said confidently i.

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