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ECOWAS receives ECONEC Delegation ahead of Nigeria’s 2019 General Election

14 Feb, 2019
L-R Gen.Behanzin, Raouf Salami and Mohamed Conteh- ECONEC

Abuja, 13th February 2019. The Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), General Francis Behanzin has recommended that Member States emulate Nigeria in the signing of a peace accord by politicians and political parties prior to elections in the region in order to ensure peace and security during the process.

While receiving a delegation from the ECOWAS Network of Electoral Commissions (ECONEC) on 13th February 2019 in Abuja Nigeria, the Commissioner also lamented about the high cost of conducting elections in the sub-region. This he said can be mitigated through the establishment of a regional depot of electoral equipment for Member States.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Mohamed Conteh the chief electoral Commissioner for the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone stated that the various Commissioners and representatives from regional electoral organizations are on a support and learning mission to Nigeria ahead of its 2019 general elections.

The Commissioner highlighted that not only will the delegation support the Independent National Commission of Nigeria (INEC), but it will also draft a report on the elections and disseminate it to the ECOWAS Commission and all regional electoral organizations in order to learn lessons and share best practices aimed at improving the conduct of peaceful, free and fair elections in the region.

The ECOWAS Network of Electoral Commissions which is currently being headed by the INEC Commissioner, Mahmood Yakubu was established in 2008 to increase synergy, cooperation and experience sharing among Member States in order to promote democracy and good governance in the region.

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