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ECOWAS New Management Organizes Town Hall Meeting with Staff to Discuss Vision and Mission of the Adminstration

11 Sep, 2022

Abuja, September 9, 2022 – ECOWAS organized a town hall meeting to share with staff the vision and mission of the new administration of the Commission. The meeting which took place at the ECOWAS Main Auditorium afforded staff the opportunity to interact with the new Management of ECOWAS led by H.E. Dr. Omar Alieu Touray.

In his speech, the ECOWAS Commission President, H.E. Dr. Omar Alieu Touray, thanked the staff for attending the first town meeting held since his assumption of Office. He shared the four objectives of his administration as ensuring peace and security in the region, deepening economic and social integration, enabling good governance and leadership, and fostering inclusive and sustainable development.

He added that for the objectives to be met, there is a need to build strong and capable institution as well as ensure fairness and equity in the management of human and corporate resources.

He explained that the staff skills audit embarked upon was meant to ensure that the right people with the right skills are given the right position towards achieving staff productivity and growth. He urged staff to support the institutional reforms and corporate restructuring which will create a virile and sustainable organization that can stand future challenges.

Attendees at the town hall meeting include the Commissioner, Internal Services, Prof. Nazifi Abdullahi Darma, Commissioner, Economic Affairs and Agriculture, Mrs. Massandje Toure-Litse, Commissioner, Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Amb. Abdel-Fatau Musah, the Auditor-General, Mr. Joao Alage Mamadu Fadia, staff at the ECOWAS Headquarters and others who worked at various ECOWAS Institutions and Agencies across the sub-region.

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