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ECOWAS holds Special Retreat for Focal Persons of its Conflict Prevention Framework

13 Dec, 2021

The special retreat for Focal Points of the ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework (ECPF) will hold in Nasarawa Stata, Nigeria from the 14th to 16th of December, 2021.

The central theme of the retreat borders on laying the groundwork for the New Generation (2020-2022) ECPF Plans of Action (PoA) and Resourcing for their Implementation.

Participants at the retreat will among others, appraise the level of implementation of the (2018-2020) Plans of Action and deliberate on priority programs and activities for the new generation PoA in accordance with ECOWAS’ Strategic Plan and Vision.

They will also be presenting findings from the Report of the evaluation of the receded 2018-2020 PoA while exploring regional conflict trends and fathoming how ECOWAS’ conflict prevention programs can be tailored to address emerging threats to peace and security.

The Focal Points are also expected to build synergy among the cross-cutting issues under each of the ECPF Components in addition to strategizing on resource mobilization opportunities for the new Plans of Action and align programs with expectations from implementing partners and grantees.

Before rounding up work, the retreatants are also expected to situate and call up their achievements, challenges as well as lessons learnt from the implementation of programmes during the period under review.

Apart from outlining outcomes, the report of the retreat will also throw up next steps, after presentations and analysis of realities by the focal points of the 15 components of the Framework.

The retreat is given technical and financial support by United States Agency for International Development’s Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data (USAID REWARD) and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

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