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ECOWAS Condemns Auction Of African Migrants In Libya

21 Nov, 2017

The Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has learned with dismay of the auction of African migrants as slaves in Libyan territory.


The ECOWAS Commission, strongly outraged by this inhuman and despicable practice, condemns unreservedly such acts which recall the dark hours in the history of mankind.


It condemns all forms of assault on the dignity and integrity of human beings wherever they may be. It appeals to the Libyan Government and the international community to urgently take all necessary steps to put an end to this despicable act. Furthermore, it invites them to find and prosecute those guilty of this crime against humanity.


The ECOWAS Commission reaffirms its continued and firm commitment to combat human trafficking in accordance with its policy and international obligations.


Done in Abuja this 19th day of November 2017

Member States