Communication Officer

08 Jun, 2020
JOB TITLE Communication  Officer
ANNUAL SALARY UA37,651.28,USD59,406.19/UA44,032.04,USD69,473.75
AGENCY ECOWAS Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)
Applications should be sent to:  b11pocommecreee@ecowas.int


Under the supervision of the Principal Program Officer, Administration and Finance, the incumbent shall coordinate all activities related to the Communication and visibility of ECREEE.




  • Provide support in development and implementation of all Information and Communications programs and projects of ECREEE, including but not limited to capacity building, training, knowledge management, etc.; mobilize support from development partners and other stakeholders;


  • Contribute to the identification and implementation of innovation and continuous improvement in support of organizational excellence and world-class performance;


  • Update the Head of Division, on a regular basis, on the progress and challenges faced by the Communication Unit in the implementation of the programs and projects as well as on technical, policy or strategic issues;


  • Carry out all activities aiming to enhance the image of the Centre; in charge of presenting the positive image of the centre in the public by ensuring permanent dissemination of information on the centre through the relevant communication media;


  • Create and coordinate the Newsletter of the centre in order to make its activities more accessible to the public, donors and development partners;


  • Ensure that the ECREEE website is functioning in a proper manner and all information and data are regularly updated in collaboration with the ICT officer;


  • Define the requirements of the centre communication equipment;


  • Liaise regularly with the program managers and project teams to enrich the web site and determine communication requirements for the Centre;
  • Cover all activities related to workshops, seminars, conferences, forums, events, etc.. organized by the Centre;


  • Serve as information focal point of the centre and its corporate image;


§  Develop, implement and oversee monitoring of the long-term Communication and Public Relation Strategy of ECREEE ;


  • Develop and implement actions to promote the visibility of ECREEE and acknowledgement of its policy positions and activities in regional and international policy processes and debates;


  • Review projects presented to ECREEE for funding and recommend communications and capacity building actions in their support to the Head of Division;


  • Undertake activities related to the communication strategy and policy of the center;


  • Undertake advocacy, public information and communication activities in coordination with the other Units of ECREEE. Support the implementation of on-the-job training for Energy Ministries, Electricity Utilities, Regulatory Agencies, Private Sector and Civil Society on the design, implementation, oversight and operation of RE, EE and Energy Access projects. Support the preparation of training material, training programs and awareness raising materials for stakeholders (including the general population, academia, NGOs and CSOs, etc.);
  • Identify, publish and disseminate best practices and lessons learned to build capacity and knowledge;
  • Undertake any duty assigned to him/her relating to the general communications framework.


§  Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, mass communication or related field from a recognized university.

§  5 years’ experience in journalism, communications and public relations;

§   Knowledge in developing communication strategies and plans for ,internal and external communication;

§   Ability to coordinate and manage complex communication campaigns and events;

§  Ability to conceptualize and contribute to design of communication campaigns that target multilateral audiences;

§  Proven knowledge of communication and the ability to diplomatically handle sensitive situations with target audiences and cultivate productive relationships.



Be below 50 years old. This provision does not apply to internal candidates.



·       ability to persuade/influence others to consider a certain point of view, adopt a new idea or implement new methods and practices;

·       ability to resolve challenges that occur with minimal direction and/or to recommend and explain solutions or alternatives for approval;

·       ability to mentor others and create feedback loops with supervisors, colleagues and the subordinates to build strong working relationships and improve performance.

·       interpersonal skills with ability to keep a client informed of progress or setbacks in projects of relevance to timeline, quality and quantity;

·       ability to establish and sustain professional credibility with clients/stakeholders in a manner that anticipates their need, mitigates issues and that carefully balances professional obligations with the need to be sensitive and responsive to their needs.

·       demonstrate respect for cultural differences, fairness and ability to relate well with people from varied backgrounds, nationality, gender, ethnicity, race and religion;

·       understanding of diverse cultural views especially within West Africa, with sensitivity to group differences; ability to challenge bias and to practice tolerance and empathy;

·       ability to work in a diverse and inclusive interactive environment that benefits from diverse strengths.

·       knowledge of ECOWAS institutions, sectors, programs and policies;

·       knowledge of the ECOWAS culture, structures and performance issues and priorities impacting assigned responsibilities;

·       knowledge of member States development trends, indicators, challenges and opportunities as it relates to project/program assigned to own position.

·       ability to study data/information from a variety of sources, identify anomalies, trends and issues, present findings, and make  recommendations;

·       knowledge of and ability to apply techniques to generate creative ideas and new approaches to meeting goals;

·       ability to use evidence and research to inform  policies and programs and identify relevant and appropriate sources of information, including stakeholders, regional institutions and/or internal committees.

·       demonstrate operational computer proficiency  using appropriate tools;

·       ability to make sound use of graphics and tables to effectively present numerical data to write semi-complex technical reports/proposals and edit/check templates, letters, etc.

·       ability to convey information clearly and concisely in a succinct and organized manner through both writing and verbal means, ;

·       exhibit interpersonal skills, make presentations, express opinions and debate ideas with others in a constructive manner;

·       proficiency in  information communication technologies(ICT);

·       Fluency in oral and written expressions in one of the ECOWAS official languages of the Community (English, French & Portuguese). Knowledge of an additional one will be an added advantage.

·       ability to develop,  implement an individual action plan for achieving specific work  goals;

·        identify ,organize and monitor tasks throughout to facilitate execution;

·       ability to organize work, set priorities, and work within timelines, giving attention to details, stakeholders, indicators and risks;

·       ability to identify, collect and assess indicators to monitor performance and to take proactive remedial action as required.



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