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will cbd gummies fail drug test Cbd Oil For Sleep Cbd For Sleep Gummies cbd gummies jersey city ECOWAS.

Xinyan, the figure of bone you saint flashed out of the midair, and shouted sinisterly I m sorry, I m going to do a bloodbath here today xiao yan raised his head, smiled at the bone you.

Restrained in addition, now that the three major dragon islands have been defeated, even the sky monster and phoenix clan may not dare to help them at will turning his head, he smiled at.

Space barrier, there was a shrill humming sound from the giant hall, and immediately within the black mist above the chains, gloomy gazes shot out, staring .

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Cbd Gummies Near Me will cbd gummies fail drug test, cbd gummies jersey city Pure Cbd Gummies Vegan Cbd Gummy. at xiao yan and the others how.

Difficult to find people here, and no one would like to stay in such a ghostly place call out in the silent sky of the burial corpse mountain range, suddenly there was a sound of broken.

Was still a figure in the collapsed space, and this person s body was surrounded by a kind of azure flame xiao yan recognized the origin of this flame with .

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cbd gummies jersey city Best Cbd Gummies, Cbd And Melatonin will cbd gummies fail drug test Vegan Cbd Gummy. a glance you are the old man.

Blushed and glanced at zi yan, his tone was a bit like that gluttonous and heartless little girl hey zi yan covered his mouth and smiled lightly, then withdrew his smile, looked at xiao.

Same as the birth of the jinglian demon fire as for the soul palace, he knew that these guys would definitely not be content with peace, and they would definitely take action to snatch.

Guest of my east dragon island this time you are helping us urgently i, east dragon island, will keep this love in mind the white haired old man cbd gummies staten island with a dragon shaped walking stick in his.

Group of soul hall celestial deities, the space froze instantly, and then the palm of his hand slammed down boom accompanied by xiao yan s palm, the bodies of the ten or so famous soul.

Phoenix bloodline, which naturally has some dragon and phoenix flavors when exclamations sounded one after another on donglong island, xiao yan opened his mouth fiercely immediately.

Moment, as black as a ferocious mouth hmph, arrogance the great tianzun smiled grimly, and the black energy in his body surged, turning into hideous souls, can you feel cbd gummies screaming and rushing into the.

The strong men of the three islands, so they are doing their best to hold back all the strong men of east dragon island, preventing them from freeing up their hands to support zi yan two.

Early on, which saved a lot of trouble but now, everyone in the outside world knows that the soul palace has exhausted our tianfu alliance and is in a mess some neutral forces that.

Their fighting spirit, the terrifying sound wave impact had already come to him the terrifying attack speed that made xiao yan suffer a lot, this time, caught the three of the northern.

Seemed that zi yan had also recovered from the weak state last time how long have I been in retreat this time it s been three months, just a hundred days the little fairy doctor said with.

Out, tirelessly washing xiao yan s meridian flesh and blood of course, along with such cleaning, xiao yan s aura slowly climbed up in his deep sleep to be continued in cbd gummies jersey city the silent room.

Cannon fodder, but running happily seeing this, xiao yan smiled, opened his mouth, and the fiery sea of flames spurted out from his mouth all the many black shadows that were within cbd gummies jersey city ten.

Islands event the mysterious demon looked at xiao yan angrily, and shouted angrily you two, why are you still talking nonsense with them do it and level this dragon palace en hearing.

Look of joy flashed across her eyes, but then, that joy cbd gummies jersey city turned into worry, and said loudly xiao yan, what are you doing here you are Does Cbd Help Sleep cbd gummies jersey city not their opponent, step back with ziyan s current.

All the pinnacle powerhouses ECOWAS cbd gummies jersey city on the mainland among them, the west dragon king and the south dragon king have reached the level of the late three star battle saint big talk king xilong.

Moment the coercion of the dragon slaying sword spread from the nothingness, making them feel like a thorn in their backs, as if the terrifying thing that slays a dragon like a chicken.

Collected in a branch hall for nearly a hundred years the eyes of the bone you saint flickered fiercely, and xiao yan suffered a big loss that day hehe, guyou old ghost, you talk too much.

The three famous dragon kings of the taixu ancient dragon clan how long will it take xiao yan didn t pay attention to cbd gummies five cbd gummies jersey city zi yan s urgent cry, but asked in a deep voice he could see that zi.

From the chains, and without waiting for any orders, they directly turned into black .

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will cbd gummies fail drug test Cbd Oil For Sleep Cbd For Sleep Gummies cbd gummies jersey city ECOWAS. will cbd gummies fail drug test Cbd For Sleep Gummies lights, brought a gloomy strong wind, and rushed towards xiao yan and others violently a group of.

This, the great elders of the second southwest island also nodded slowly, each of them uttered a dragon chant, and immediately not far away, nearly a hundred streams of light flashed.

Naturally choose the former, and immediately grabbed the palm of his hand to the bottom, and a figure was caught in his hand, which was the kunhuang of the sky demon phoenix clan what.

As if he had sensed something, he turned his head abruptly, but saw is cbd gummies legal in canada another xiao yan slowly appearing a few meters behind them at this moment, in the hands of xiao yan , a fire lotus with.

Donglong island scolded, gnashing his teeth hearing the second elder mention his majesty the old dragon emperor, .

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Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. the faces of xuan mo and the three were slightly unnatural after a while.

The sky, looked down at xiao .

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Cbd Gummies Near Me will cbd gummies fail drug test, cbd gummies jersey city Pure Cbd Gummies Vegan Cbd Gummy. yan who was in the whirlwind, and said with a smile the little doctor immortal and qinglin on the side also breathed a sigh of relief these three months, they.

Scattered invisibly seeing this scene, xiao yan was startled, and hastily stepped forward to hold it looking at that extremely pale cheek, he couldn cbd gummies jersey city t help but feel a little distressed it.

Of time, he gradually entered a state similar to deep sleep, and while he fell into a deep sleep, his heart was still cbd gummies no thc beating slowly and rhythmically, and traces of purple blood flowed.

Long distance, still caused raging flames to rise on the east dragon island what a terrible firestorm under such an earth shattering storm, the extremely chaotic battlefield on donglong.

Was not surprised by yao lao s breakthrough yao lao had a strong foundation, and with the accumulation of knowledge, coupled with the effect of the blood of the demon saint, it was.

The moment of the impact, a sky shattering loud noise erupted in this blocked space, and a monstrous energy storm swept away crazily at this moment, the huge black hall was violently.

Sitting cross legged retreat lasted for a full three months this time, even he himself had never expected it, but in that state of deep sleep, he had forgotten the time, as if immersed cbd gummies jersey city in.

Sneer on his cheeks, and slashed the dragon sword in his hand again mercilessly poof this sword was not drawn smoothly, just when he raised it half way, zi yan s tender body trembled, a.

There was a shrill scream from the direction of the escape, obviously he did not escape the pursuit of that strange wave the three dragon kings are defeated seeing the three figures.

That feeling is like the purple blood is constantly washing and tempering his body this was undoubtedly an excellent thing, so xiao yan did not deliberately stop it, but with the passage.

Few minutes, the two dragon kings Cbd Sleep Gummies will cbd gummies fail drug test became disabled dragon kings a rebel is also worthy of using the power of the dragon emperor looking at the extremely miserable two, zi yan also had a.

Northern dragon kings also heard a low and muffled sound at the moment the sound wave penetrated their bodies poof the stiff bodies is cbd gummies legal in wisconsin of the three froze for a cbd gummies jersey city moment, and the faces of.

The middle stage of the two star dou sheng hmph, you three big dragon islands can t bully me without anyone in east dragon island shortly after the two old men appeared, there was a.

Yan s body, circles of purple red light spread from his heart, and immediately spread from every tribe in his body this flow of light lasted for three months three months of washing and.

He didn t understand why the purple red blood suddenly changed from its usual silence, xiao yan didn t purposely control it, but let it go of course, it made xiao yan feel at ease and.

He said the old dragon emperor has been missing for thousands keanu reeves cbd gummies reviews of years, and I am afraid he is no longer in the world as for the sky demon and phoenix clan, we will clean them up after the.

Surged, and a hunchbacked figure like a bone slowly appeared in xiao yan s field of vision he was dressed in a black .

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Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. robe, his old face looked extremely dry, his eyes were deeply sunken.

With extremely ferocious eyes, and his eyes were filled with brutal killing intent looking at the hateful and ferocious eyes of the three, a sneer appeared on xiao yan s solemn face, his.

Main pavilion, yao lao, huoyun patriarch, the great elder of danta and others are all gathered here their complexions are slightly gloomy, obviously they are not in a good mood during.

That even facing superpowers such as the soul clan and the ancient clan, they will not be inferior in the slightest cbd gummies jersey city old man qingshan, at this point in the matter, you still have to resist.

Space, and immediately a huge finger and palm suddenly soared down to .

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cbd gummies jersey city
Can Cbd Oil Stop Hair Loss ?Cbd Gummies Near Me will cbd gummies fail drug test, cbd gummies jersey city Pure Cbd Gummies Vegan Cbd Gummy.

will cbd gummies fail drug test Cbd Oil For Sleep Cbd For Sleep Gummies cbd gummies jersey city ECOWAS. the sky, and slammed towards the three of them fiercely he fangxiao is young, how dare he meddle in the affairs of my.

There was a loud sound, and violent ripples and fluctuations suddenly appeared in the golden giant clock, and immediately exploded under the horrified eyes of the cbd gummies jersey city two west dragon kings.

Dragon family back then, but they did it for their own self interest, great elder qingmu scolded xiao yan, who was at high strength cbd gummy bears the side, heard the confrontation between the two sides, and he also.

Great heavenly venerable in the middle of the two star dou sheng, he .

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Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. is still stronger than the one after his strength has greatly improved, cbd gummies jersey city but this gap is not difficult for xiao yan to.

The legendary ancient dragon and dragon queen, the shock in their hearts could not be .

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Cbd Gummies Near Me will cbd gummies fail drug test, cbd gummies jersey city Pure Cbd Gummies Vegan Cbd Gummy. concealed hehe, I didn t expect miss ziyan to have such an identity I used to be blind yao lao was.

Advantage of my father s disappearance and usurped the division of the taixu ancient dragon clan, which caused the ancient dragon clan to fall to such a point it is not an exaggeration cbd gummies jersey city to.

Sky demon and phoenix clan, you don t have to wait I happened to meet you .

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cbd gummies jersey city
  • 1.How Does Cbd Oil Help With Massage
  • 2.Why Remove Terpenes From Cbd Oil
  • 3.Will Cbd Oil Help With Stomach Problems
  • 4.Can You Take Cbd Gummies With Blood Pressure Medicine
  • 5.Is Using Cbd Oil Considered A Relapse
  • 6.How Do You Know If Cbd Oil Is Real

Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. on the way here, and then sent them back xiao yan didn t want to understand the differences in ideas among the.

Will o the wisps in his eyes danced slightly, and his hoarse and creepy voice sounded quietly xiao yan, I didn t expect that you would have the courage to come to the door on your own.

Destructive power like destruction when the two are combined, their power is terrifying the cbd gummies jersey city Cbd Gummies For Kids storm was like a natural disaster in the void, crazily releasing terrifying temperatures and.

Of feet high in the sky the black mist in his palm surged and turned into a giant hand he directly grabbed the handle of the knife and gave will cbd gummies fail drug test Cbd For Sleep Gummies a cold shout the bone knife is a bit weird, it.

Bent into a shocking arc, forming a half arc shape in mid air, and then bounced heavily on the fierce palm wind haha, as expected of a dragon and phoenix physique, the strength is so.

And avoid such disputes among the three people, there is a man in a dragon robe he was the first to put forward the proposal of uniting with the sky demon and phoenix clan ziyan glanced.

Show your face xiao yan looked at the old figure, but smiled slightly, and said softly the old figure slowly raised his head, his withered face under the light, looked a little scary, the.

Eyelids couldn t help what are the best cbd gummies sold on groupon twitching violently in his perception, the strength of these two people was stronger than that of xuan mo obviously, they were two peak powerhouses who had reached.

Right now people from the three major dragon islands have fled, but there are still what is cbd infused gummies many members of the gulong clan who chose to Does Cbd Help Sleep cbd gummies jersey city stay in our east dragon island the great elder said.

Body suddenly fluctuated violently, strands of energy that seemed to be substantial, actually condensed into wind whirls, hovering around his body, making whistling wind sounds the speed.

Kind of cultivation speed really makes me ashamed when xiao yan was delighted with his own changes, there was also a hearty laughter from the sky yaoming and others descended from the sky.

Wind, and the stream of light flashed on a mountain peak deep in the mountain range, several figures flashed out their eyes were all looking at the deepest part of the mountain range, the.

And he asked you to rush back to the xingyu pavilion cbd gummies for migraines reddit as soon as possible the little fairy doctor also had a love hemp cbd gummies uk solemn face, looked at xiao yan, and said softly the jinglian demon fire is.

Experienced a big battle if you leave at this time, I m afraid it s not very good he naturally knew that zi yan wanted to help him capture the jinglian demon fire, and if he could biolife cbd gummies male enhancement get the.

Person with his help, his majesty the dragon emperor may be able to relax a little bit the great elder and the others of donglong island looked at each other, but they saw a gleam of joy.

Island I really don t know why those people migrated to such a ghostly place drilling through the space crack, ziyan took a deep breath of fresh air, opened his arms, and there was a.

Yan, and said, thank you this time, if you hadn t stopped me for so long and injured cbd gummies jersey city the three dragon kings, my immature dragon slayer sword would notpot cbd gummies not be able to cause such a deterrent no.

Astonishment in their eyes at the moment, why did xiao yan bring back such a powerful existence after going out for a trip seeing yao lao being so polite, zi yan couldn t help feeling a.

Be so stubborn zhu mu, the great elder of xilong island, smiled, and said immediately calculating the time, the reinforcements sent by the sky demon and phoenix clan should be arriving.

There is a huge black land the surface of the land occasionally reveals a little white color, and there are some broken bones, showing a little strange coldness in the center of this huge.

Finally both of them were annihilated seeing the wave of soul that was easily cbd gummies jersey city crushed by xiao yan, da tianzun s figure flashed, and he appeared under the huge bone knife that was hundreds.

A stone statue, has maintained this posture since he entered, completely motionless however, no one knows that when xiao yan s surface is as still as a mountain, his body is not as.

Into it first, and the others followed quickly as for zi yan, after quickly giving some instructions, he also quickly rushed into the space passage under the helpless eyes of the great.

Originally planned to join the alliance are also intimidated by the methods of the soul palace if this continues, it will not be good for our reputation .

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Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. yao lao said what s your idea.

Majestic dragon kings were beaten so miserably by cbd gummies jersey city a junior just thinking about it, the two of them felt that their rationality was about to be overshadowed by their madness little.

Flames that were swallowed into his body in one mouthful he looked at the gleaming white bone knife with some surprise the moment he touched it, he could feel a strange fluctuation.

Hundreds of feet, like a black poisonous dragon, pierced through the void, and rushed towards xiao yan a mere half holy strength dares to make a fool of yourself, guyou old ghost, you.

Body, the cold jade bed on which he sat cross legged exploded https tastyhempoil com product cbd gummy bears book into a piece of powder, and an extremely terrifying aura slowly diffused from his body, covering the cbd gummy bears price world successful feeling.

People, I do eagle hemp cbd gummies work will leave it to you although the human palace is well defended, and there are many so called celestial venerables in it, but with the current strength of the little doctor.

Families within a radius of several thousand air travel with cbd gummies miles bury people here therefore, the corpse burial mountain range is also a strange mountain composed of graves normally, it is almost.

The shoulders of the two and spurted out a mouthful of golden blood his speed soared, and after a few flashes, he disappeared into cbd gummies jersey city the void ah not long after that figure disappeared.

And a cloud of blue flame was pulled out from the body of old man mu gu, and the latter s aura also languished at this moment, obviously suffering a fatal blow xiao yan, the old man.

Teacher s words are right it s not rude to come and go the soul hall is too arrogant now, it s time to suppress them while everyone was pondering, a clear laughter suddenly sounded in the.

This time, half of the more than 300 important cities under the alliance have been attacked although these attacks seem to come from some other forces, among them are the strong men from.

Destructive shock waves, that kind of shock, even xiao yan, did not dare to be touched easily although the power of huang quan tian fu and buddha fu lian is extremely strong, tai xu gu.

Of the whirlwind s rotation became faster and faster in the end, more and more energy poured into the quiet room and was sucked into the whirlwind, and the volume of the whirlwind also.

Ancient dragon clan of course, that step still needs a lot of time after the defeat of the three dragon kings, donglong island was also busy there were also many things after the war.

Peaceful as imagined bang bang in xiao yan s body, the cbd gummies less effective heart was beating slowly, and with every beat, there would be a trace of purple red blood, slowly flowing out of the heart, and.

Sword, and the current ziyan, is only at the beginning of the four star dou sheng the dragon slaying sword, as the name suggests, is specially used to slay dragons it is a method.

Enveloping the two of xilongwang clang the golden giant clock had just formed, and the strange fluctuations were lightning, and finally bombarded .

What Is The Best Cbd Gummy

Cbd Gummy Reviews cbd gummies jersey city ECOWAS will cbd gummies fail drug test Vegan Cbd Gummy. heavily on the golden cbd gummies jersey city giant clock boom.

Shattering pain that penetrated into the bone marrow made his body tremble violently, and he became dizzy for a while, constantly impacting his mind not far from the west dragon king.

Retrospect, it s really embarrassing and she s also very interested in alchemy I m thinking that when she gets older, I ll teach her fen jue, and then I ll find a strange fire for her.

Strange bloodstain appeared on the bone knife, the big tianzun s face also became dignified, and with a sudden wave of his palm, the huge bone knife slashed down fiercely at the fire.

Like lightning, and with the change of his handprints, the five strange fires in front of him suddenly swelled up, and in just a short moment, they turned into five bay park cbd gummies scam huge fire spirits such.

Struggle and chose to surrender seeing this scene, xuanmo and other powerful high ranking officials from the three islands also gradually turned pale they knew that today, the general.

My great elder and second elder of east dragon island behind the two white haired old men, zhu li followed closely, and said to xiao yan I ve met the two elders hearing this, xiao yan.

Short and terrifying point even if he was hit hard by a five star fighting cbd gummies jersey city saint, his arm would not be cut off so easily, but the dragon slaying sword is the dragon slaying sword, you.

New blood that had been fused by xiao xuan at the beginning and had been hiding deep in his heart, this time, it flowed out automatically although the power of this blood was quite weak.

And turned his head, only to see ziyan half supporting him, with a movement of his figure, he was flying towards the distant long island under the terror of the dragon slaying sword, the.

Lotus one after another, which consumed him quite a lot, and at the same time at the end, he also condensed the three thousand thunder illusion body the dragon king completely swept into.

Space of this world quietly fluctuated, and finally turned into a bigger space barrier, enveloping all of that Does Cbd Help Sleep cbd gummies jersey city area this time, there is no need to stay alive xiao yan raised his head.

Gradually slowed down then, the sound of dragon s howl full of mad killing intent came out of the flame storm sure enough, he didn t die hearing the sound of the roar of the dragon, xiao.

Her body now she can already .

How To Use Cbd Oil Dickson

Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. be replaced by a genuine dou zong expert elder yao smiled slightly and said dou zong xiao yan stroked xiao xiao s little head, but couldn t help but gave a.

Three thousand yanyanhuo, he was sent to the hall of human beings during these times, he has been collecting souls outside zhongzhou although he occasionally heard .

Can Cbd Gummies Make You Itch

Cbd Gummy Reviews cbd gummies jersey city ECOWAS will cbd gummies fail drug test Vegan Cbd Gummy. some news about xiao.

Dragon king by surprise again at that terrifying speed, they also don t have much time to defend boom the soul impact came quickly and went even faster, and the bodies of the three.

Impossible for some mere dou zun level stuff to stop him in the slightest hey sea heart flame as soon as he grasped it, xiao yan suddenly gasped in surprise, because he found that there.

And phoenix physique, but you are immature it is too whimsical to want to fight the three of us alone king xilong, don t pretend to be hypocritical in front of this emperor you took.

And landed not far from xiao yan xiao yan cupped his hands at yao ming, then looked at zi yan, seeing that the latter s cheeks had returned to normal, he was also slightly relieved, it.

The soul hall, while the human hall is under the jurisdiction of the great Cbd Sleep Gummies will cbd gummies fail drug test heavenly lord, the second heavenly lord, and others of course, the possibility that the soul hall has.

Stubbornly you all know that if you continue to resist, you will only exhaust all the power of donglong island the elder of xilong island in a green robe looked at the old man with a.

Annihilated, the space barrier slowly opened a large opening, and several figures y how to take cbd gummies walked in slowly, and then stepped on the dark land woo just as xiao yan and his group walked into the.

Showed surprise on their faces you re finally back, boy your breath huoyun patriarch laughed and cursed, just about to get up, but suddenly found something, his complexion changed.

Shape of cheng ren, and above the chains, there are also flashes of light from time to time, and finally swept into the black mist, making the black mist more solidified the whole area.

Fluctuated rapidly, a huge bone knife, with a strange aura, pierced cbd gummies jersey city Cbd Gummies For Kids the void, and slashed at xiao yan from a distance call out accompanied by the swaying of the strange bone knife, a.

Gain much benefit, and both sides suffered some damage this bone knife is really weird the flames on the top of xiao yan s head gradually dissipated, and finally turned into five balls of.

The dragon emperor, even ordinary members of the ancient dragon clan are the .

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cbd gummies jersey city Best Cbd Gummies, Cbd And Melatonin will cbd gummies fail drug test Vegan Cbd Gummy. stuff of legends to some people after all, taixu ancient dragons rarely appear in zhongzhou in many people s.

Destroying the hall of man, leave it to me the alliance still needs strong guards, lest the hall of soul be like us, so this time, I hope that senior huoyun and others will sit in charge.

Was seriously injured, and everyone was worried that something would happen to him but fortunately, the worst thing they expected didn t happen brother xiao yan is indeed very human it.

Figure with purple hair walking slowly towards the void, in his hand, a liquid like golden long sword flowed slowly, a destructive power quietly permeated the air, and at the same time, a.

Allowed it to be used naturally, it was also because he could gradually feel that every time freshleaf cbd gummies the trace of purple red blood washed away, his own strength seemed to be slightly enhanced.

Feet of the sea of flames would turn into nothingness what is super cbd gummies good for in less than three breaths, and some people with poor strength did not even utter a scream the sea of flames filled the air, and the.

Soul hall with blood of course, I know you can t be the master here xiao yan ignored him, turned his eyes directly to the huge black hall, and said indifferently the so called great.

Originating from the blood, and faced the distant void, .

Can You Feel The Effects Of Cbd Oil

Cbd Gummies With Thc cbd gummies jersey city Does Cbd Help Sleep, will cbd gummies fail drug test. he knelt down and cbd gummies jersey city with the kneeling of the first group of people, not long after, more and more gu long had a choice in the.

Dragon islands are the biggest obstacle to the unification of the ancient dragon clan the hands and feet of the west dragon king and the south dragon king were cut off by biospectrum cbd gummies review me even if they.

Mouthful of dark golden blood spewed out from his mouth, and his complexion turned pale however, even though the sword was not completely what are the best cbd gummies to buy cut down, there was still a wave of waves that.

Yao ming, the first elder and second elder of donglong island came over in a flash and stopped them at how long does cbd gummies effects last reddit the moment of this obstruction, xiao yan s bones and wings fluttered, and the sound.

Reunification cbd gummies jersey city is completed the gulong clan has been divided for too long and must be unified as soon as possible, but you are hindering the road cbd gummies jersey city to unification the absurdity is that his.

Many elders of donglong island also looked at the void tremblingly, and were so excited that they burst into tears the dragon king who can summon the dragon slaying sword is the real.

Hall, and then the breeze blew past, and several figures appeared in the hall, it was xiao yan and his group xiao yan cbd gummies 25 mg seeing the person who showed up, everyone was stunned, and then.

Astonished, obviously he never expected that xiao yan had only been out for about half a year, and his strength had improved by leaps and cbd gummies jersey city bounds again but he came back to his senses.

Acquainted, just glanced at the two of them, then quickly lowered their heads great elder, donglong island is safe now, right seeing these elders, zi yan s pale cheeks also showed a touch.

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