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Will gradually feel the fire in their hearts decrease, and as focl cbd gummies deal Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep the fire in their hearts weakens, the practitioners can exit the state of cultivation without any risk this is a protective.

Evolved medusa in the dou qi continent back then, but her body was not the seven colored heaven swallowing python, but another ancient beast the seven winged purple gold snake although it.

Ninth floor of the focl cbd gummies deal tianburn qi refining tower to receive a heart fire source exercise do you know what heart fire training is to put it simply, if you have undergone this heart fire.

Thirty eight rooms in total some of these training rooms can accommodate twenty people to practice at the same time, and some can only be used for one person there are many categories his.

The third floor can no longer meet xiao yan s needs, so he can only continue down to the fourth floor, otherwise, the speed of cultivation will probably drop focl cbd gummies deal a lot under the gazes of many.

Ointment and speed wind spirit pill, everything is going in the most perfect direction according to this speed, xiao yan is confident that he will break through to the eight star great.

Who seemed to be extremely strong in the inner court, and said indifferently I will help you expel the fire poison, and you give me the green wood vine, how about this deal hearing xiao.

Young age after xiao yan disappeared, the previous focl cbd gummies deal mentor couldn .

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focl cbd gummies deal
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cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep Cbd Melatonin Gummies focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS. t help saying in surprise yeah, but his aura seems to be at the level of a great fighter how could there be a green fire.

Measure for people in the inner court however, reiner obviously ignored the so called challenge bell before, but chose cbd gummies qvc the easiest way to wake people up from the state of cultivation.

Filled with anger because of this, and said calmly but you still have other choices perhaps you have already realized that the fire poison has been secretly eroding your sanity if it goes.

Ice spirit pill can only be suppressed, but cannot be focl cbd gummies deal completely expelled xiao yan rubbed his chin, pondered for a while, and suddenly waved his hand, and a medicine cauldron appeared on.

Go to the sky burning qi refining tower for retreat now, and the time may not be short, so you don t need to look for does cbd gummies with thc get you high me during this time hey, okay nodded, lin yan looked at xiao yan s.

Abide by the rules in the tower in the future, don t blame me and he will be punished severely elder he glanced around, and those who came into contact with his eyes hurriedly bowed their.

Fei and said calmly hearing this, liu fei was in a .

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Cbd Oil Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market, focl cbd gummies deal Cbd Gummies With Thc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews. hurry the great elder .

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focl cbd gummies deal What Is Cbd Gummies, Cbd And Melatonin cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Cbd Gummies For Kids. seldom appeared on weekdays where could she find him okay, that s the end of today s matter if someone doesn t.

Was applied on his skin had also evaporated completely, his body was still thin, except for the seven colored little snake wrapped around his arm whistling dormantly, other parts were not.

Quickly, and the palm he slammed down forcefully froze in mid air, but even so, the hot temperature above the fire lotus still burned reina s hair into a pile of pitch black ashes in an.

Wisdom may not even be able to maintain the state of cultivation, let alone absorb energy the second kind of sulingfeng pill is even more effective after taking it, it can accelerate the.

A handful of students in the inner court who can beat him in addition, in the arena, he is one of the few tough guys who have maintained eight consecutive victories in the inner court.

Reached eaglehemp cbd gummies the end to end point the fighting energy on this side has just come out from the bucket crystal, while the fighting energy tempered by the heart fire has been poured back.

Occasionally on weekdays now she speaks first, naturally with the idea of wanting elder he to punish xiao yan in normal times, if it were an ordinary student, elder he might have.

The door opened, all eyes in this area were quickly projected over under the eyes of eyes full of various emotions, the young man in black robe slowly walked out of the training room with.

Pupils eroded by the fire poison, and a calm voice came out slowly but I can help you expel the fire poison in your body laugh the fist wrapped in reddish grudge suddenly froze when there.

Speaking, the suppressed breath of the gray clothed man burst out completely, his body suddenly stood up, and in a flash, he appeared in front of xiao yan, his eyes were red, and the.

Advance that if you want to enter the fourth floor, you don t have to follow the rules, so please go ahead seeing the teacher s smiling face, xiao yan couldn t help being cbd gummies gor sleep startled, and a.

Rolled down the throat, and then the fighting energy flowing in the meridians in the body, like a bison who suddenly took an aphrodisiac, began to circulate crazily sensing the fighting.

Across his face, and he could vaguely sense the terrifying power contained in the fire lotus wow, with his strength, how could he display such a terrifying fighting skill a thought.

Hovering above xiao yan s head suddenly hit the latter continuously in the practice room, a very strange scene appeared, because the energy poured in was so huge that xiao yan s body.

Spirit ointment, xiao yan s whole body trembled violently he could clearly feel that his sensitivity to the fiery energy in the training room suddenly became extremely sensitive even.

Reina under the gaze of many people, and said coldly hearing the Cbd For Sleep Gummies focl cbd gummies deal punishment from elder he s mouth, the surrounding students couldn t help being stunned for a moment, and immediately.

Peaceful smile on her cheeks, but if you are careful, you can still see a .

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focl cbd gummies deal
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cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep Cbd Melatonin Gummies focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS. touch of self satisfaction and vanity in her eyes this kind of eyes is the true evaluation of her by everyone.

Shuddered fiercely in his heart being targeted by such a terrifying woman is really not good news to be continued walking out of the pagoda gate, xiao yan looked at the lush greenery.

Permeating from his bones after more than 20 days of retreat, he finally achieved his wish and broke through to the eight uly cbd gummies website star focl cbd gummies deal great fighter such a fruitful achievement is worthy of green roads cbd gummies for sleep these.

With a creaking sound hmph seeing that the door finally opened, reina snorted coldly, then withdrew his fist, took a few steps back, and stared at the training room with malicious eyes as.

Already reached the fourth grade alchemist in refining medicine, it will not waste too much time while the blue flames were churning, the herbs on the table were thrown in one by one, and.

Look of joy appeared on his face if he can really enter the fourth level of cultivation, then breaking through to the eight star great fighter is just around the corner at that moment, he.

Thunderous sound during such two pronged absorption and tempering, xiao yan could clearly feel that the dou qi in dou jing was gradually filling up with the help of qingzhi fire spirit.

Hanging, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly approached walking to the door of the advanced training room, xiao yan lightly touched the door with his palm, but raised.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound of bones colliding like firecrackers, crackling in the training room with the sound of crackling, xiao yan felt a sense of relaxation and fullness.

Calmed down his impatience, crossed back to the hall, and sneered how strong is liu qing hearing liu qing s name again, xiao yan couldn t help frowning and asked ask wu hao, he s been.

Prescription is not cheapest cbd gummy bears inferior to the rarity of the sonic fighting skill among fighting skills the first kind of qingzhi fire spirit ointment, applied on the body during cultivation, can.

Haven t looked down on us like before most of this is because of the head xiao yan naturally couldn t hear the conversations between these guards, but from entering the new area to now.

Troubles in the future, he needs to use absolute power to make himself have a shocking reputation .

What Can Cbd Gummies Do

Best Cbd For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market. otherwise, there may be an endless stream of people who disturb his cultivation in the.

The jade bottle I don t know how itchy this qingzhi fire spirit ointment will be on my body, I m going to fight his eyes fixed on the red ointment, after a long while, xiao yan gritted.

Feel that his skin seemed to be covered with ants at this moment the numb and itchy feeling made xiao yan, who was unprepared, almost retreat from his cultivation state taking a few deep.

Although the coordination of various materials is a bit weird, considering xiao yan s current alchemy skills, it is only a matter of time before they are refined after reviewing the.

Enough for half a month xiao yan took out a jade bottle from the ring and put it on the table quickly scooping up the jade bottle, lin yan poured out a pill from it with a bit of.

With a storm shrouded the outside of this training room on the side, reina also recovered from xiao yan s words, his face was terribly gloomy, his eyes were fixed on xiao yan, and his.

Forcibly smashing the door although this door is also made of special materials in the inner courtyard, the cbd gummies for ed canada harsh sound produced by such a strong smash will still cause disturbance to the.

The flames faded, but those pitch black eyes appeared a little deeper and darker than before, and a long breath of foul air was spit out down the throat, even with a little bit of black.

Level focl cbd gummies deal therefore, after entering the fourth floor, he first took care of .

Can You Take Cbd Oil With Beta Blockers

Best Cbd Oil For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market 10 Mg Cbd Gummies. the top priority focl cbd gummies deal of filling his stomach, and then chose an intermediate training room to continue his retreat.

Are now a quarter more members of the panmen than you did before the retreat, and the strength of those .

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Best Cbd Oil For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market 10 Mg Cbd Gummies. veteran students is also quite good, most of them are the influence of the great.

Make people s skin have a very keen sense of touch and strange suction to the fire attribute energy of the surrounding world after applying this fire spirit ointment, even if you don t.

Being overshadowed by that shadow reina approached the tightly closed training room slowly, and slammed his clenched iron fist heavily on the door immediately, the clear sound of gold and.

Surrounding students all changed and they hurriedly backed away this idiot is going to be unlucky, he actually angered that focl cbd gummies deal lunatic lin yan you deserve it you know that guy is the most.

Away like this speaking of this, the man in gray smiled well, if you can really completely expel the fire poison in my body, then add one hundred days of fire energy , and this green wood.

Refining the two kinds of elixir needed again, xiao yan once again started his big plan of retreat and breakthrough without paying attention to it this time xiao yan s retreat, perhaps.

Many people maintain awe of this name xiao yan took a sip of the tea in his hand, xiao yan nodded silently with wu hao s strength, in the arena where the strong gathered, he still won.

Where there was no movement, liu feidai frowned slightly, and reina s face sank slightly he raised his fist again, and just about to slam down the tightly closed door, it slowly opened.

Speed will undoubtedly double furthermore, when the heart fire in the body is rising, if the speed of combat energy can be suddenly accelerated, this will undoubtedly increase the speed.

Forehead in an instant is this the disadvantage of qingzhi fire spirit ointment it s really numb and itchy gritting his teeth tightly, cold air spewed out from xiao Cbd For Sleep Gummies focl cbd gummies deal yan s mouth he could.

Competition is none of your business it s a competition between the strong list masters ordinary people can only watch the excitement below, so .

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focl cbd gummies deal
  • 1.Is Cbd Oil Legal In Lousianna
  • 2.What Is Thr Best Rated Cbd Oil
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Best Cbd For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market. you are naturally not qualified to know lin.

Next to the black stone platform, and the faint warmth can cbd gummies be invaded his body, making xiao yan feel lazy to the bone flipping his palm, the green fire crystal card appeared in his palm xiao yan.

Fighting energy in the human body, which is like filling up a windmill out of thin air, making it rotate at a more ferocious speed however, everything has a law this accelerated fighting.

Of tempering at the same time therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that these two kinds of elixir are what xiao yan needs most at this time the grades of the two pills are not high.

Again, reina s face became more angry, he raised his head, and said with a sarcasm to xiao yan who kept avoiding you are a rabbit, so you can t fight me head on hearing reina s words.

Sitting cross legged on the black stone platform focl cbd gummies deal was completely wrapped in a ring of light red energy the violent .

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Best Cbd For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market. energy fluctuations are like ripples, rapidly spreading in the training.

Reprimanded the former for the willie s remedy cbd gummies sake of men not caring about women, but today the offender was xiao yan, and the first elder named the students he wanted to be taken care of by them.

Blame me again liu fei glanced at xiao yan lightly, and said to reina hey, okay reina nodded focl cbd gummies deal with a smile, and then turned his head to xiao yan with a grin, .

Can You Take Cbd Oil 2 Hours Apart From Topamax

Best Cbd For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market. and the tyrannical fighting.

And go, and best cbd gummies for heart health the atmosphere is extremely lively from time to time, there are one or two battle circles .

Does Sierra Relief Cbd Oil Actually Contain Cbd

focl cbd gummies deal What Is Cbd Gummies, Cbd And Melatonin cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Cbd Gummies For Kids. where fierce battles are taking place, and outside these circles, there are a lot of.

Yan could vaguely feel that he had entered the peak of the seven star fighter according to this speed, it might not be long before he was able to touch the eight star barrier again and.

Each other, and immediately remained silent as if they understood something, and made a deadly move during the sparring, according to the rules, but they would be punished extremely.

Strong energy visible to the naked eye were pouring in continuously because of the green sesame fire balm applied on his cbd and weed gummies body I don t know how long the quiet atmosphere lasted suddenly.

Was full, because at this focl cbd gummies deal time, both the soul perception and the degree of grasp of the fire were at their peak refining elixir at this time will undoubtedly have the highest success rate.

Cauldron again the raging fire immediately raised the temperature in .

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focl cbd gummies deal What Is Cbd Gummies, Cbd And Melatonin cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Cbd Gummies For Kids. the training room a lot sitting cross legged in front of the medicine cauldron, xiao yan cbd stop drinking gummies waved his hand, and a pile of.

Want to fight, but I m quite interested in this ivy xiao yan shrugged and said with a light smile get out of the trading area in a minute the gray clothed man took a deep breath.

And then, amidst many envious eyes behind him, he entered the spiral staircase and disappeared immediately tsk tsk, it s the first time I ve seen the green fire crystal card at such a.

Hurriedly cupped his hands at the two of them thank you, elder he and the two teachers hehe, it doesn t matter although you haven t reached the level, you still have the qualification in.

Scolded coldly, his eyes turned to stop on xiao yan, and when his eyes swept over the blue and purple fire lotus in xiao yan s palm, his pupils shrank suddenly, and he could feel the.

Shot out from the fighting crystal, and finally galloped in the meridian, causing a strange muffled sound due to the fast operation speed, in the end, the circulation in the body almost.

People couldn t help but flushed a little, and then dodged with blinking eyes seeing the male students eyes dodging left and right under her sight, the woman smiled lightly, and her.

Outside, and then felt the warm sunlight swaying down from the sky he couldn t help but feel as if he had passed away he opened his arms, and after a long time, he suddenly gave a wry.

Makes xiao yan feel a little sweaty if you continue to squander like this, I m afraid the remaining fire energy won t last long xiao yan shook his head with a wry smile, inserted the fire.

Douzong can win over, then it is focl cbd gummies deal naturally the best well, queen medusa, who has broken through the dou huang s restrictions, has unlimited potential in the future there was also an.

Me by name nodding his head slightly, xiao yan stared at lin yan s reddened pupils after a long while, he withdrew his gaze after pondering for nearly seven or eight minutes, he said.

Snow fairy liu fei the women s footsteps stopped, looking at the closed cultivation room What Is Cbd Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market door, and there was also a shock on her cheeks this kind of practice room was cbd oil gummies groupon occupied she hadn t.

Body after taking suling fengdan, the running speed of fighting energy in xiao yan s body enveed cbd gummies almost increased by three or four times at this moment, strands of vigorous blue fighting energy.

Spirit quickly gathered on the fist seeing that a fight focl cbd gummies deal was about to start here, the people around hurriedly backed away, for fear of being killed by the fish in the pond looking coldly.

From afar uh there was a pause on xiao yan s gummy cbd tincture oil 250 ml orange footsteps, surprise flashed across xiao yan s face, and he smiled wryly he didn t expect that the fourth floor would require such harsh.

Be swallowed by that woman, otherwise we will all have a hard time thinking of the indifferent killing intent that queen medusa showed towards him every time she came out, xiao yan.

This thing alone xiao yan still ignored it, and slowly opened his right hand, and a cyan flame suddenly shot out looking at xiao yan who was holding a purple fire in one hand and a green.

Suppressing a tremor of rage in his voice I don t have four hundred days of fire energy , and I don t have earth level fighting skills xiao .

Is It Legal To Give Cbd Oil To Minor

cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep Cbd Melatonin Gummies focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS. yan said in distress, but before he finished.

Room, and the center of these ripples is xiao yan who is sitting cross legged on the stone platform xiao yan at this moment is like cbd pure organic hemp extract gummies a bottomless pit exuding infinite suction, swallowing.

Have mastered this level of fighting skills of course, xiao yan did happen to possess one of the ground level fighting skills, and it was also a physical fighting skill, but this was what.

Perfectly fused, and she will truly become a super powerhouse according to the woman s fierceness, she will control the body the first one is to take my sacrificial Cbd For Sleep Gummies focl cbd gummies deal knife stroking the.

Time between cultivation, and nearly five days have passed since what happened on the third floor that day, and within these five days, xiao yan s name has gradually spread to the ears of.

Around the arena a lot lately, so he should know something about liu qing lin yan shrank back his chair he hated the trouble of explaining these things the most, so he just curled his.

Crystal card the other instructor was a little puzzled in the entire inner courtyard, there may not be more than fifty students with this kind of crystal card most of the people who are.

Side these eyes are full of curiosity and a little awe these natures method cbd gummies reviews days, almost cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety near me all the students who are practicing on the third floor know this training room there were also quite a few.

Am I afraid of now you have often practiced in the sky burning qi refining pagoda recently haven t you even heard of that hehe, how many people in this inner courtyard can do such a thing.

Startled voice of his companion, the mentor who spoke lazily before raised his head in surprise, looked at the black robed youth who had come before him, saw the somewhat familiar face.

Politely, just his terrifying fire lotus that could frighten reina to lose his combat power on the spot was enough to make them feel in awe of xiao yan he admired liu fei s suitor, so he.

Voice, the eardrums of the students in this area were suddenly shaken so that their eardrums ached hearing the shout, xiao yan s face changed slightly, a thought flashed through his mind.

Bit stunned, took out the green fire crystal card, and handed it over green flame crystal card saw the crystal card in xiao yan s hand, exclamations came from the mouths of the two.

The advanced training room after finding a free practice room, xiao yan took out the medicine cauldron again to refine some qingzhi fire balm and wind do cbd gummies show up in drug tests What Is Cbd Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market speed elixir the last refinement had.

Secret complacency in their hearts entering the high level area, the woman glanced lightly at the men who stopped because of her, and under her pair of soft kushly cbd gummies for sale waves, some mentally weak.

Seeing the practice room they had chosen entering this training room, xiao yan closed the door tightly, and then began to look around this training room is obviously for one person to.

Is, a strong person is always easy to be treated politely by others after receiving the green fire crystal card handed back by the mentor, xiao yan clasped his fists at the two mentors.

It was revealed again at this time xiao yan, the black robe on his body was almost shattered into pieces by the previous surge of energy, and the green sesame fire spirit ointment that.

Was the first to complain, xiao yan had an undisguised sneer across his face he cupped his hands at elder he, and told the whole story in detail because there were many bystanders, xiao.

Directly ignored these gazes, and the same indifferent gaze slowly swept across the surroundings, his shoulders trembled slightly, and the aura of the seven star great fighter completely.

Above looking at the equipment in the training room, xiao yan sighed in admiration in his heart, walked towards the black .

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Cbd Oil Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market, focl cbd gummies deal Cbd Gummies With Thc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews. stone platform, and finally sat cross legged on it his butt was.

Hearing reina spit out the famous name in the inner courtyard with a tinge of awe, liu fei couldn t help but pursed her lips, ECOWAS focl cbd gummies deal and some undetectable emotion flashed in her eyes that.

Irritating being reprimanded by xiao yan, reina froze, and the anger on his face became more intense because he was used to being domineering, he seldom cared about these rules, and in.

The practice room, and walked slowly towards the entrance of the fourth floor of the sky burning qi refining tower after cultivating on the third floor for nearly seven days, xiao yan s.

A large group of people will laugh to death with the status of canaan academy in dou qi continent, let alone her talent can only be regarded as an excellent student, even his cousin liu.

Becoming elders, because as long as they become elders, they can enter the ninth floor or even the tenth floor this smilz cbd gummies for smoking is the barrier that can quickly touch the douhuang level the douhuang.

This voice, xiao yan was stunned, and then nodded silently with elder he s departure, this area ECOWAS focl cbd gummies deal once again fell into an embarrassing silence those eyes looking at xiao yan again showed a.

Thrust of his energy, his forward body finally stopped, and then he used both feet together, and hurriedly retreated boom faintly looking at the retreating reina, xiao yan stepped forward.

Bai gang when practicing in focl cbd gummies deal the tower, but thanks to your prestige in the sky burning qi refining tower, the bai gang doesn t dare to be too presumptuous now, and those small actions are.

Figure rapidly enlarged, xiao yan s face turned cold, and the purple flames in his hands suddenly slapped together heavily at the moment when the flames collided, xiao Cbd For Sleep Gummies focl cbd gummies deal yan moved his.

There was an extremely subtle, low pitched sound that sounded like a drum beating heavily in people s ears listening carefully, the sound turned out to be coming from xiao yan s body not.

With the body of the sky swallowing python otherwise, she will not be able to achieve complete control, and getting cbd gummies charlottes web the body of the sky swallowing python will only become her burden the.

Good to want to gain prestige, but it s better than that cbd bear shark gummies looking at elder he who left, xiao yan just bent over to send him off, when the low old voice lingered .

How To Make E Liquid With Cbd Oil ?

Best Cbd For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market. in his ears, and hearing.

Than those guys in the alchemy department I believe you, but even if you can expel the fire poison in my body, it seems a little bit like taking this obviously extraordinary green vine.

Similarly, if someone enters the training room first to practice, and the latercomers want to challenge, then they need to press a challenge bell outside the training room to .

How Much Cbd Oil Take Show Up On Drug Test ?

focl cbd gummies deal
Are There Any Cbd Vape Oils That Get You High ?cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep Cbd Melatonin Gummies focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS.
How Much Does Prescription Cbd Oil Cost ?Cbd Oil Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market, focl cbd gummies deal Cbd Gummies With Thc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews.
Is It Safe To Injest Cbd Oil ?Best Cbd Oil For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market 10 Mg Cbd Gummies.
Does Cbd Oil Stop Hand Tremors ?Best Cbd Oil For Sleep focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market 10 Mg Cbd Gummies.
Does Cbd Fluid Have More Thc Than The Oil ?Cbd Oil Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market, focl cbd gummies deal Cbd Gummies With Thc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews.
Can You Put Cbd Oil On A New Tattoo ?cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep Cbd Melatonin Gummies focl cbd gummies deal ECOWAS.

Cbd Oil Gummies cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market, focl cbd gummies deal Cbd Gummies With Thc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews. press the.

Advanced training ECOWAS focl cbd gummies deal room, his eyes moving past each training room there are more advanced training rooms on the third floor than on the second floor xiao yan counted them, and there are.

His opinion, how strong could a person who could only cultivate on the third floor be pointing his finger at xiao yan, reina smiled angrily focl cbd gummies deal and said okay, I really sweet tooth cbd gummies have the ability to.

To participate in that competition xiao yan flicked his finger on the table and asked in a low voice well, after all, even if the authority has been lowered, do you still expect some.

Prestige of these elders in the inner court is inviolable if they offend them, there will be no good results elder he, how could you how much does cbd gummies cost alarm your old man this is just an ordinary discussion.

Of showing mercy stop however, when huo lian was only two feet away from reina, an old man shouted suddenly from far and near due to the strength of fighting spirit contained in the.

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