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Broad Spectrum Cbd real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummies For Kids.

Eyes since he left that year, this was the first time he returned in the center of the arch is a distorted space, and here is the space gate leading to the medicine clan at this moment.

Of a giant bird at this moment, there were already hundreds of figures staggered on the back of the bird, which seemed quite lively xiao yan, who had experience in the ancient clan, was.

Demon and phoenix clan such a powerful ally is exactly what the current alliance needs most the alliance between the two parties undoubtedly caused a lot of commotion in zhongzhou and.

On the spot roar the golden light thunder dragon struggled frantically in the fire net, trying to escape, but it seemed powerless without anyone deliberately driving it seal up with a.

Islands not only is it huge in size, but it is also the first real cbd gummies for sleep time in thousands of years that such a large number of clansmen have gathered together after all, those clansmen in the past.

From a distance, and the sight shifted, but it was seen that at the end of the darkness, there was a silver light, and the huge thunder, like a dragon, howled crazily xiao yan s figure.

Warehouse, xiao yan couldn t help but laugh in his heart after the inspection was completed, xiao yan just waved his hand, and a figure several times stronger than ordinary people floated.

Suddenly filled with aura, xiao yan smiled slightly, giving up his strength, and gaining wisdom again is as easy as flipping the palm of .

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real cbd gummies for sleep
  • 1.How To Vape Cbd Oil Inhale
  • 2.Will Cbd Oil Help Eoe Disease

Cbd Sleep Aid real cbd gummies for sleep Broad Spectrum Cbd, medicated gummy bears cbd. his hand from now on, you will be the only nine.

Being perfect to solve this problem, it is necessary to let the puppets have the right amount of wisdom or combat experience the northern dragon king has fought countless battles in his.

It even if he possessed the jinglian demon fire, he never thought about it but xiao yi, who now possesses ECOWAS real cbd gummies for sleep some power of swallowing flames of nothingness, has actually achieved this step.

His heart judging from his relationship with ziyan, the relationship between the tianfu alliance and the taixu ancient dragon clan is also quite strong with this cbd gummy bears diabetes kind of secret help, the.

Voice was calm, but the corners of his lips raised a icy arc to be continued the crowd in real cbd gummies for sleep the square dispersed like a stream of water immediately, a group of figures dressed in the robes.

Cleared all obstacles in the name of the dragon king ziyan, there was no more noise from the four dragon islands under the impetus of many conditions, the integration of the four great.

Restrained his mind, staring closely at the golden thunder dragon that continuously exploded thunderstorms on the huge body in the depths are cbd gummies a scam of the thunder sea while the jiuxuan jinlei was.

Pain from the soul, his forehead felt cold, and xiao yan s palm fell lightly on his sky cap don t kill me, you won, you won the three dragon islands, I don t care, in the future, I will.

The future, you will definitely come to dragon island again with a wave of xiao yan s sleeve, the space beside him opened a space crack if there is a need, I will send people to long.

Aware of it when the beautiful eyes saw the northern king behind xiao yan, there was also a hint of astonishment in real cbd gummies for sleep his eyes because of the tempering of the jinglian demon fire for ten.

Punched out, which directly smashed the fire cauldron away, and immediately grabbed xiao yan with his big hand the northern dragon king, who was already dead, came back to life again.

Is naturally quite terrifying, so even after absorbing the many black magic thunders, he still doesn t look like he has reached his limit at all this kind of puppet is just an outstanding.

Pool this time was far more fruitful than he expected not only has he successfully strengthened the northern king to a level comparable to the six star dou sheng, but he has also jumped.

People who were swallowed by the northern dragon king those people here, they begged me to give it back to you xiao yan looked at the northern dragon king, but smiled slightly, and.

Care of the alliance Cbd Gummies For Sleep real cbd gummies for sleep xiao yan also looked at cailin who was holding xiao xiao, and said en cailin nodded slightly, now with her strength, looking at the alliance, except for xiao chen and.

The area, his eyes flickered, and after a while, he finally lifted off slowly, took xiao yi into his body, let king bei walk in front of him, and then walked slowly towards the dark area.

Little surprised you, who was expelled from the clan, actually have the face to come back the pedestrians around gradually real cbd gummies for sleep Wyld Cbd Gummies Review slowed down their pace, watching the old man walking slowly with.

Rushed away towards the thunder pond in the depths of the thunder pond, the nine profound gold thunder dragon s eyes are looking at that distant figure at this moment, it is like a little.

Looked at the center of the sea of thunder with a hint is cbd gummy bears illegal in georgia of shock there, a golden dragon with a golden body, like a giant dragon made of gold, was winding and entangled golden thunder.

Surrounding yao wangui, after hearing his words earlier, knew that cbd gummies near me for ed the former was extremely unimpressed with xiao yan and the two of them at that moment, the flattering voices rang out.

Confidence ziyan sighed softly she also understood the gap between the ancient dragon clan today and the past you must know that in the prosperous period of the ancient dragon clan, it.

To the maximum, and swallowed all the golden lightning into his body with one last bite immediately, the surface of his small body exploded with golden lightning broke through as more and.

Dissipating, searching for those clansmen who survived by chance with the fall of the three great dragon kings, the taixu ancient dragon clan, which was in great internal turmoil, finally.

Thunders chasing real cbd gummies for sleep after him for a while, the depths of the thunder pool suddenly boiled up xiao yan broke into their holy place, which seemed to have completely angered them at that.

The power of heaven and earth is truly unpredictable xiao yan shook his head slightly, but he didn t immediately let the king of the north absorb the power of thunder there are quite a.

There was news that the nine nether earth python clan stepped in to investigate the soul palace, the results were not extremely gratifying this time, the soul palace seemed to have.

Months you, the dragon emperor, really have some abilities xiao yan looked at zi yan and said with a smile hey, you ve been missing for nearly two months if you don t come back, we ll.

With flickering eyes after a short period of struggling and wandering in his heart, he decided to stop for a while if there was a chance, he would take action but if the nine profound.

No stranger to this situation, so he didn t talk to anyone, but directly found a place with few people with yao lao, and quietly looked at this huge plain after the two came up, the giant.

Reach perfection, and at that time, he would be able to fight kenai farms cbd gummies 500mg against the six star dou sheng powerhouse that kind of help, to xiao yan, is not insignificant to be continued black thunder.

So many years of infighting and the chaos of the three dragon kings, the strength of the taixu ancient dragon clan was no longer what it used to be, but he couldn t shake zi yan s.

Actually promoted to the stage of the late five star fighting saint, at least saving him nearly half a year of cultivation go quickly relying on xiao yi to devour the nine profound golden.

Ally is hidden in the dark, it will have unexpected effects for tianfu alliance moreover, this can also give some taixu ancient dragons as much time as possible to recuperate back in the.

Swelled up very quickly looking at this appearance, he actually wanted to explode himself moo at such a time, it is naturally impossible for xiao yan to let him fight to the detriment of.

Was hit, this time, he would really be doomed call out although the north dragon king retreated extremely .

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Broad Spectrum Cbd real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummies For Kids. fast, the pink bead real cbd gummies for sleep was even faster during the high speed flying, human faces.

Lifted into the air, smiled at the crowd, and then turned around and fled towards the outside of the star realm behind him, xiao yan s figure flashed, and he quickly followed the yao.

Thousands of people seeing the people in the square who were not from the medicine clan, they shook their heads secretly leader of tianfu alliance a powerful force like lianhun temple is.

Xiao yan s footsteps stopped at a place outside the .

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Cbd Sleep Gummies medicated gummy bears cbd, real cbd gummies for sleep 10 Mg Cbd Gummies Does Cbd Make You Tires. black thunder and lightning area he looked at the swarms of black thunder and lightning, and couldn t help but a look of amazement.

Them after swallowing the flesh and blood of the southwest real cbd gummies for sleep second .

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Broad Spectrum Cbd real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummies For Kids. dragon king, he improved again of course, xiao yan real cbd gummies for sleep also understands that if zi yan fully activates the blood of dragon.

Quickly at bei wang ahead, but saw that the latter s skin lingering with golden lightning arcs actually cracked a tiny crack it real cbd gummies for sleep s so terrifying that .

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real cbd gummies for sleep Vegan Cbd Gummy, Benefits Of Cbd Gummies medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Oil For Sleep. the nine profound golden lightning can.

Level of the six star dou sheng perhaps it s time to go there xiao yan pondered for a moment, smiled softly, did not stay too long, turned around and walked out of the quiet ECOWAS real cbd gummies for sleep room, behind.

Roaring and roaring, the surrounding black magic thunders also fled far away at this time, they also had no mood to chase xiao yan, but surrounded the jiuxuan jinlei thousands of feet.

Thunder in the distance, an extremely fiery expression suddenly real cbd gummies for sleep appeared in his .

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medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummy Effects Wyld Cbd Gummies Review real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS. pupils, with xiaoyi s refining and devouring abilities, these black magic thunders, which are like a life.

Dragon king who had broken out of the cauldron, stretched out his finger, and pointed away boom following xiao yan s finger pointing, the body of the violent northern dragon king.

Almost studied this thing day and night, but under real cbd gummies for sleep his study like sleepless nights, the golden light thunder dragon of the cbd edibles gummies effects nine profound golden thunder not only did not become softer, but.

Probably coming soon hearing these words, yao lao s palm that had just picked up the teacup suddenly trembled, he was silent for a while, then nodded slightly, and said, after one month.

Yan said was not bad, although the situation .

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medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummy Effects Wyld Cbd Gummies Review real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS. of the ancient dragon clan is extremely bad now, but she has the blood of the dragon and phoenix in the legend of the ancient dragon clan if.

Him as a real six star fighting saint and when bei wang s body was strengthened to this point, it seemed that it had faintly touched a limit no matter how much it absorbed the black magic.

Resistance to the black demon thunder opening his eyes that had been closed for a month, xiao yan s pupils also had a faint black thunder flashing, and when his mouth was slightly opened.

Thunder is extremely real cbd gummies for sleep terrifying, it still does not possess intelligence of course, this point is not what xiao yan thought, but between gathering spirits, the nine profound golden thunder.

Destructive power after doing this, xiao yan breathed a sigh of relief, and turned his gaze to the jiuxuan jinlei in front of him due to the power being drawn, the latter s body directly.

Is never a shortage of people like this around yao wangui as for this somewhat alien feeling of being surrounded by stars, yao wangui also enjoys it quite a bit therefore, in the clan, no.

Refine and absorb the energy of the black magic thunders now that the taixu ancient dragon clan real cbd gummies for sleep is on the right track, there must be nothing wrong with me, so I think it s time for us to.

Most outstanding, not his achievements in the past, nor the tianfu alliance today, but his disciples that disciple, a few years ago, won the danta danhui champion and emerged above.

Moment, the overwhelming black magic thunder stormed out, rushing towards xiao yan what does cbd mean in canabus gummies from all directions yi appeared again, and then flew under it, up and down, just in time to protect it.

Fifth of the body size of the nine profound golden thunder, exploded viciously on its body surface, and the golden thunder arc full of destructive power swayed crazily seeing this scene.

Resolutely, and the majestic battle energy quickly condensed on the surface of his body into huge vortices like black holes after completing all these layers of defense, before xiao yan.

And will change due best cheap cbd gummies to various circumstances generally speaking, this pharmacopoeia is slightly similar to the pill club of danta, and to a certain extent, this is a conference among the.

Comparison, they are not weaker than tianfu alliance as expected of the taixu ancient dragon clan, even if it is no longer at its peak, it should not be underestimated it seems that.

Ll just learn from it the solemnity on ziyan s cheeks only lasted for a moment, but was broken by a playful smile seeing this, xiao yan smiled wryly, this girl don t worry, this is the.

Whereabouts of the black demon thunder, he suddenly noticed that an unusually pure energy gushed out of his body, and finally scattered among his limbs moreover, what .

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Cbd Sleep Gummies medicated gummy bears cbd, real cbd gummies for sleep 10 Mg Cbd Gummies Does Cbd Make You Tires. surprised xiao yan.

Raised his palm, and amid the tumbling pink flames, xiao yi flashed out at this moment, on one of his chubby little arms, there was a golden dragon pattern, faintly, there was a kind of.

And concentrating, xiao yan seemed to be able to clearly hear that when those energies merged into his body, the countless cells in his body made a sound of longing and joy here, the.

Visual power the effect is good the energy of a black magic thunder finally melted into beiwang s body the effect made xiao yan a little happy however, before the smile appeared on his.

The black magic thunders, but he had to be afraid of the thunder dragon that seemed to be sleeping from the latter s body, he felt an extremely terrifying aura to xiao yan at that level.

That is, the former dragon emperor thank you very much this time, if you didn t come here, zi yan smiled and said with a smile on his cheek these polite words are useless between us xiao.

Flashed in his eyes who would have thought that the black magic thunder that can only be .

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real cbd gummies for sleep Vegan Cbd Gummy, Benefits Of Cbd Gummies medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Oil For Sleep. attracted by real cbd gummies for sleep refining the ninth grade elixir can have such a terrifying number here there are.

Vitality is gone, but his body is still in a tense state even if he cuts it with a knife, he can t draw real cbd gummies for sleep a trace xiao yan s gaze swept over the head of the north dragon king even at this.

Soul palace, and it may also be the tianfu alliance both sides may not be able to bear this almost gambling like battle therefore, at this time, it seems that the only thing they can do.

Machine that day, xiao yan scattered the northern dragon king s soul, but left a single one hidden in his body, and this remnant soul also inherited the viciousness of the northern dragon.

Were all scattered among the four islands, and it is extremely difficult to have any chance of all of them appearing in one place xiao yan s figure was suspended in the sky, his soul.

To regain its former glory under the leadership of cbd gummies dosage give me a phoe numbetf your majesty the dragon king xiao yan was silent for a while, and he could only comfort him in this way although he also knew that after.

He wants to see the most the ordinary method of refining puppets, although the refined body is hard and painless, after all, puppets are just puppets, and they .

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real cbd gummies for sleep
  • 1.Can You Fly To The Uk With Cbd Oil
  • 2.How To Get Free Cbd Oil
  • 3.How To Make Cbd Oil Vape Juice
  • 4.How Mant Cbd Oil Companies Exist
  • 5.Can Cbd Oil Help With Inflammation
  • 6.What Are The Effects Of Cbd Hemp Oil

Broad Spectrum Cbd real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummies For Kids. have no combat experience.

Medicine clan will also be allowed to enter it to observe this period of time will be the most lively time among the medicine clan yao lao glanced at the figures who entered the space.

Difference if you can absorb all the black magic thunder here, I m afraid it won t be difficult to reach the late stage of the five star battle saint in his slightly squinted eyes, a ray.

To ziyan, and the lineup is naturally real cbd gummies for sleep not Cbd Gummies For Anxiety real cbd gummies for sleep weak just relying on these lineups, taixu gulong s title as the number one clan in the world of warcraft, I am afraid that no one do cbd gummies help you stop drinking can still.

Forward it seems that the third place in the strange fire list is indeed worthwhile the void thunder pond is extremely vast, but with xiao yan s speed, he approached its depth in less.

And rushed towards its body without fear of death however, as the spiritual energy in the dragon real cbd gummies for sleep Wyld Cbd Gummies Review eyes .

Can Your Dr Prescribe Cbd Oil High Blood Pressure ?

Broad Spectrum Cbd real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummies For Kids. of the nine profound gold thunder became more and more intense, the explosion in the.

Jinglian demon fire, and then slowly drifted out, and under xiao yan s control, quietly merged into the puppet s mind under the intrusion of these illusory air currents, the body of the.

Alliance has just defeated the soul palace, and the limelight is in full swing you really can t leave for too long in addition, the clan s alliance with the alliance has basically been.

Eyes to stare at the groups of black lightning slowly wriggling like a dark dragon ahead, even with his current strength, his face couldn t help but become serious the dignifiedness.

Another right hand man seeing xiao yan nodding, ziyan talked with him again, and then organized the strong members of the clan to enter beilong island where the blood energy was gradually.

Slightly startled by the sudden appearance of a figure, and they quickly came back to their senses and said .

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real cbd gummies for sleep
  • 1.Will Cbd Oil Show Up In Blood Test
  • 2.How Much Cbd In 10mg Gummies
  • 3.Who Sells Cbd Oil In Mishawaka In

Broad Spectrum Cbd real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummies For Kids. in a slightly surprised way dragon island has changed so much in less than two.

Poisonous insects are rampant, and all kinds of beasts that are rare in zhongzhou emerge endlessly, but because of the existence of the medicine clan, this area real cbd gummies for sleep Wyld Cbd Gummies Review is still quite lively.

Puppet, will it be perfect I found you xiao yan looked at the northern dragon king whose body was filled with pink flames, and real cbd gummies for sleep smiled faintly he could feel that the strange fire had now.

Does not have the slightest resistance it seems that it understands xiao yan s words for the sake of wisdom, it is willing to give up its power it is already tired of this cbd gummy bears pain relief near me confused sense.

Looked at each other after a while, ecstasy finally emerged from their eyes quickly, and cheers sounded like thunder in the void ree drummond news cbd gummies mr xiao yan is truly extraordinary in strength, he even.

Complicated eyes, and did not express any solidarity for yao wangui just because this was the yao clan this old man is just asking for trouble some people looked at the arc of xiao yan s.

Those members of the medicine family who opened their mouths with vicious words, and said softly you are still the one who knows what to do a thin man who was standing quite close to yao.

The black thunder in the depths of the void thunder pool, that black magic thunder is undoubtedly a bit insignificant but fortunately, xiao yan s strength is far from what it was before.

Bones under this kind of refining, xiao yan also suddenly discovered that the strength that had stopped rising just now actually began to increase at a slow speed also a moment the.

Takes nearly half a day therefore, at about evening, the shennong mountain range filled with mist appeared in the eyes of the two of them it s such a strong energy of heaven and earth.

Complexion and thin lips like a blade elder, all medicines will return yaochen, isn t he just a useless person who was expelled from my medicine clan it s a bunch of old bones, and it s.

His head, and said in a low voice I understand what you mean, wait for the gulong clan to complete the unification, and our clan will form an ally with the tianfu alliance hearing this.

But it contained a strong sense of confidence and determination back then when he was young, the real cbd gummies for sleep old man zhan wing was still a young eagle like boy who what drug stores sell cbd gummies carefully protected cbd gummies bluebird botanicals him along the.

A calm appearance, did not have the slightest respect for the yao clan around the deep stream, the figures that came one after another also stopped slowly, looking at xiao yan and the two.

Also begun to develop resistance to the energy of the black demon thunder if I continue to practice, the efficiency will drop a lot xiao yan s face was full of contemplation it s time to.

Dangerous, slowly spreading away, so that no one dared to underestimate it perfect xiao yan lightly touched bei wang s arm with his fingers the touch of his fingertips made him understand.

The former, making a low humming sound, which was full of sadness well seeing the weakened jiuxuan jinlei, xiao yan sighed, the former could no longer make him feel the danger as before.

Nervously at bei wang, who was surrounded by black electric sparks, and after a while, .

Does Cbd Oil Go Rancid

medicated gummy bears cbd Cbd Gummy Effects Wyld Cbd Gummies Review real cbd gummies for sleep ECOWAS. there was a hint of joy in his eyes he could feel that those extremely violent black magic thunder.

Thunder, the effect it obtained would be negligible for this kind of result, xiao yan could only shake his head helplessly no matter how perfect it was made, a puppet is just a puppet.

Lao also buy pure cbd gummies shook his head the feeling of having to wait is a little uncomfortable xiao yan nodded, looked at yao lao suddenly, and said softly teacher, the pharmacopoeia of the yao clan is.

Energy suddenly surged out of his body these were fed back by xiao yi xiao yan was surprised, but also hastily focused on this vast energy, urging them to move up along the meridian xiao.

Wandered alone in the mainland for many years although he has achieved something now, yao lao understands that returning to the yao clan and fulfilling his parents last wish may not be.

Rainbow glow rushed out, and after a few flashes, it escaped from the thunder pond then he turned his head and looked back after not seeing any changes, he breathed a sigh of relief the.

Moved the king of the north, who was surrounded by many black magic thunders, hid in the void with a fierce kick, his body rushed out like a cannonball boom bei wang s actions undoubtedly.

After devouring such a huge amount of black magic thunders, the benefits bei wang, xiao yi and even xiao yan obtained were incomparably rich beiwang s body, after being tempered by many.

A giant python, wriggled slowly and coiled around the top of the head of the northern king, crackling lightning, and continuously came from the body of this black magic thunder under the.

Headache when faced with the impact cbd gummies for ed amazon of this kind of black magic thunder but fortunately, the cbd 1000 gummies current level of tyranny of the northern king has reached a quite terrifying level he was.

Detonated the stalemate here immediately, the many black magic thunders surged almost at the same time, and huge black thunders caught up with bei wang at an astonishing speed, and then.

Crack disappearing with a look of regret on his face to be continued returning to the tianfu alliance again is another feeling in the months since xiao yan left, the momentum of the.

Previous heavenly demon puppets the heavenly demon puppets do not have any wisdom, and they are all driven by themselves when fighting people but now this northern king only needs xiao.

Abruptly, as if they were very scared give me your strength, and I will help you gather spirits xiao yan s body was suspended in front of jiuxuan jinlei, his tiny body was like an ant.

Lightning before, so although he suffered a lot, at least there was no danger the golden thunder flashed, and xiao yan tried his best to refine the berserk energy in his body after about.

The same as when she was a little girl your strength has improved again on the other hand, cailin at the side had a keen sense when she saw xiao yan, she felt that the latter had changed.

Figure flew in first, followed closely behind by the dark figure of king bei when xiao yan entered the void thunder pond back then, he needed to be cautious, for fear of attracting.

Resist when the nine profound golden thunder lay in the depths of the sea of thunder as if resigned to fate, the surrounding black magic thunders also stopped impacting, and surrounded.

The patriarch of the pill tower, no one can beat her, so xiao yan has to rest assured if she stays in the alliance hehe, well, everyone, there is no need to send more yao lao slowly.

Staring at xiao yan with bleak scarlet eyes, he never expected that he would be seriously injured by his own attack xiao yan, you have remembered this king, this king will definitely.

Devouring force burst out the dozen or so black magic thunders not far away, as if swept by a gust of wind, quickly plundered towards xiao yan, and finally fell directly on his shoulder.

Shattering, and the world trembles and the most shocking thing in this kind of vision is the nine profound golden thunder, even if it is an ordinary fighting saint powerhouse, if cost of cbd gummies it gets.

And whispers spread immediately it turned out to be yaochen from the tianfu alliance, so isn t Cbd And Melatonin medicated gummy bears cbd this person xiao yan who defeated the master of the soul palace I didn t expect that even he.

Rest on east dragon island now that the three dragon kings have been killed, I have to prepare for the integration of the four dragon islands xiao yan smiled and nodded in this empty.

Jinglian demon fire, the effect won t be too obvious in the past, the strength of the earth demon puppets was absorbed by the power of thunder this time when refining puppets, xiao yan.

Vibrating dragon wings behind them crossed cbd gummies scams and patrolled, and xiao yan, who was floating in the sky, was amazed by the changes in the dragon island this scene made xiao yan smile, and.

A powerful alliance that was forced to step down as the overlord, and it is also a well deserved overlord in zhongzhou today although the yao clan is strong, some people in the know.

Beast realm some other races in world of warcraft who originally had some thoughts about the nine nether earth python clan had to restrain their thoughts after the alliance between the.

Clan has just completed the unification, and this time is the time to recuperate you don t need real cbd gummies for sleep to get involved in the quagmire of zhongzhou alliance with the taixu gulong clan, xiao yan.

Zhongzhou later, he used his own strength to display a joint strategy, uniting danta, huazong, and fenyangu to form the tianfu alliance with a very luxurious lineup , and defeated it, penguin cbd gummies for ed so.

So called mountain is not high, there are immortals, and this mountain range is also a general reason although the Cbd Gummies For Anxiety real cbd gummies for sleep shennong mountain range belongs to the kind of wild area, where.

There has been no news of the nine profound golden thunders appearing for thousands of years, and this means that in these thousands of years, there has best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression never been a ninth rank golden.

Eyes were a little bit astringent, and the relief on the old face became more and more intense he opened his mouth, but in the end it turned into a soft and helpless sigh you stubborn.

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