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Civil Society

In recognition of the role of Civil Society in the mobilisation of critical human resource for development as well as political, economic and social awareness, ECOWAS has been partnering with civil society organisations in the region.

The collaboration with civil society in this regard has been with the view of sensitising them on issues affecting the region in governance, agriculture and food security, trade and commerce and other related matters and to assist in building their capacities to access available funds and other developmental instruments.

They are also correctly seen as partners in the desire to formulate and adopt a new regional plan of action to combat drug trafficking and money laundering.

The West African Civil Society Forum, (WACSOF), with support of ECOWAS Commission has now executed the first phase of its National Platform Strengthening Programme. In addition, WACSOF thematic Groups have commissioned studies in their respective thematic areas aimed at broadening the knowledge base of civil society and enhancing their participation in the ECOWAS integration programme.

This National Platform Strengthening Programme is also meant to help in the restructuring of WACSOF National Platforms towards a more result-oriented and pro-active contribution to the ECOWAS Regional Integration agenda. In addition, WACSOF thematic groups on democratic governance and peace and security, agriculture and food security, health, women and gender equality, and youth as well as employment have already held consultations and commissioned desk studies in their respective thematic areas with the support of the ECOWAS Commission. With the studies, knowledge base of civil society with a view to enhancing their participation in the ECOWAS integration programme is being broadened.








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